Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Frans plagiarism accusations: “The songs are not as” – Aftonbladet

STOCKHOLM. The favorite Frenchman accused of plagiarism by record company staff just days before the final.

But of course he takes criticism with quiet.

– I do not think they are the same, he said.

he is the big favorite.

But yesterday, just days before the Melodifestivalen final in the Friends arena accused Frans Jeppsson-Wall’s contribution “If I were sorry” for plagiarism by record company staff behind the artist Matt Simon’s song “Catch & amp; release “.

Frans itself rejects the criticism.

– I heard the song on Tuesday for the first time, it is a good song but I do not think it is a plagiarism.

what did he really? Frans what happened after Gina Zlatan jokes

Do not see the similarities between the songs

he see no resemblance at all.

– I heard a good analogy that it is like comparing strawberries of summer, it’s a bit like that. I do not think they are the same.

Do you and your team discussed the allegations?

– No, not so much. I have not been so familiar with social media, I have chosen to keep it away. I can not do it.

Does this affect you anything before Saturday?

– Actually, no, it does not feel like there is a lot that can affect me right now.

“Not the first time it happened”

the Ark competed plagiatanklagades those for his “Worrying kind”. Even last year’s winner Mans Zelmerlöw received similar allegations against him.

It may Frenchman to take extra easy on the criticism.

– It’s not the first time this kind of accusation will I heard. I have it good.

Big Top and plagiarism accusations despite keeping his nerves in check.

– The success is sick, I have not had time to digest. But we go in with the same concept as in Gavle to introduce myself as an artist and have fun, then there will be no pressure.

Label Boss: “The songs are incredibly similar” Listen for yourself – the songs are the same?


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