Thursday, March 10, 2016

Freddie Wadling singed by the flames – Göteborgs-Posten

decrepit. Tired. Burn Injured. But Freddie Wadling is certainly happy with his new album After the rain. Where a particular Håkan Hellström involved.

– It was fair. Otherwise, you might Hakan had become sad, said Freddie Wadling with a slight chuckle.

Hakan Hellstrom is a good friend, not least since Hakan invited him up at Ullevi scene in 2014, but the pop star’s influence on Freddie Wadling new album should not exaggerated.

Hakan Hellstrom singing in the background on the first single, it is not enough, although it is hardly heard, and Freddie Wadling makes a quiet and deeply personal version of Feel no sorrow.

when Freddie Wadling chanting “Give me arsenic powder … really helped me,” and then sing “because I was down there, but up on the five” realize that it could just as easily be about him.

– Yes , that song is me very close. In every way possible.

The difference is probably that Freddie Wadling not traveled out of five, rather in nine and a half. Maybe even a little later.

When we meet at the Golden Prague over lunch, it is a tired and lame singer that limps into the restaurant aided by his wife Bella. My idea was that we would sit at the back, to get to be a bit of peace, but when Freddie Wadling well sat at the table just inside the door bothered he did not get up again.

Freddie Wadling still suffers from fire that destroyed the house in Långedrag and almost added to his life took summer of 2014, just a month after the acclaimed guest appearance at Ullevi. The ache in his left leg and he burned it difficult to rely on the right foot, which is also “molvärker 24/7″.

– I do not like hospitals, I can not run the whole time. And I get no painkillers printed. “He Wadling has such a bad reputation,” the doctor said.

Freddie Wadling shakes his head and takes a deep swig of his beer. Yet it is not the physical damage that has penetrated deeply and left the real scars of the fire. It’s everything else.

– All that I had and everything I lost in the fire. It feels like life … is over. I am spiritually dead.

An art school tries to restore some of his smoke and water damaged paintings, pushes Bella Wadling gently out, but Freddie waving just irritated by the hand.

– Oh , they can of course not be afraid … everything is gone.

Even Freddie Wadling hand-carved cane that has been a faithful companion for many years disappeared in the fire. Just when we sit and talk about his popularity with the fans, a substance that Freddie Wadling with his solid low self-esteem only a maximum reluctantly want to touch, a man comes up with two incredibly fine sticks.

– Sorry to bother but I have a gift for you, Freddie. I make canes and thought that you would choose one of these.

Freddie Wadling look totally surprised. He thanks several times and choose to end his stick with a stylit the top, a kind of praying figure with head bowed.

– Good choice! It is you are really worth, says the man named Christer Munter before returning to his own table.

For a moment sees both Bella and Freddie Wadling genuinely happy.

– This was the best thing that happened in a long time, says Freddie and crumples face in a warm smile.

After the forced hospitalization and a time in hotels the couple now in an apartment in Västra Frölunda . They are grateful for their new home but their longing, and regret, after the house in Långedrag really shines through.

Still, stands the apartment partly in the center of the new album when Freddie Wadling all the vocals are recorded in the living room.

– It became easier. Sebbe (Sebastian Öberg, plate producer and long time employee with Freddie in Fläskkvartetten) came to our home with special equipment so that I could sit down and sing without the sound was too loud.

– I appreciate well the neighbors about otherwise.


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