Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Investigates Frans song: “They are strikingly similar” – Expressen

Frans Jeppsson-Wall, 17, is one of the favorites for Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest.

But many have reacted to the artist’s song is very similar to one another – namely Matt Simons hit “Catch & amp; release”.

Now, Expressen tell you that the international record company behind Matt Simons, PIAS Recordings, is investigating the similarity:

– the songs are incredibly similar. We can conclude, then it was mean, I dare not even go into, says Henrik Nyström, general manager of Pias in the Nordic region.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall’s song “If I were sorry” tops Spotify list in Sweden and his song has been played the most times out of all the contributions that will be in the final of the Eurovision song Contest on Saturday.

But the attention of readers have heard of the Expressen to tell you that the song is very similar to one another. Namely, the American artist Matt Simon’s song “Catch & amp; release” which came out in 2014.

The information also reached Matt Simon’s record label PIAS Recordings, which has offices around the world.

– I’ve only had time to listen quickly once but can state pretty quickly that the similarities are striking. We are looking into it now, says Henrik Nyström, general manager of Pias in the Nordic region.

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According to Nystrom has the record company known information for a few days, after people from abroad have contacted and reacted to the similarities.

Now the head office in London look at it.

– people have reacted to that the songs sound the same. The information has reached the headquarters in England from different places and they will investigate the matter further, says Nyström.

“The songs are strikingly similar

Can you say more specifically what you take for action now?

– I can not answer that. I know we look at it, but the more I can not say.

but what will happen next?

– we’ll see. It’s difficult to speculate on that. What we can say is that we look at it, the songs are strikingly similar, says Nyström.

He also says that he did not dare go into what this means.

– the songs are incredibly similar. we can conclude, then it was mean, I dare not even go into, says Henrik Nyström.

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Henrik Nystrom has no information to provide on if the record company has been in contact with SVT or with the songwriters behind the Frenchman song “if I were sorry”.

– no, I do not know, he says.

Matt Simon’s song “Catch & amp; Release “came out in 2014 after the artist released it himself. The song was picked up later by the record label PIAS Recordings and became a hit in several countries.

– It was great in Germany, Belgium and Holland. But maybe not in Sweden, says Henrik Nyström.

Tove Blum, Frans press contact at the record company Sony Music would not comment on the incident at this stage. But:

“However, my personal opinion, now that I heard both songs, I can not hear the resemblance, “she wrote in a text message.

Expressen have searched SVT for comment, they have not returned.

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