Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Josefin Nilsson would rest – never woke – Expressen

Josefin Nilsson lay down on the bed to rest after a walk with her sister Marie and her dog.

Then she woke Never again, says his friend Thomas Sundstrom.

– It was not on the level that you felt that Josephine was in bad shape. But I think that maybe she was hiding it very well too, he says.

Yesterday came the sudden news that the singer and actress Josefin Nilsson passed away, just 46 years old. The beloved artist fell asleep in his home in Själsö just north of Visby on Gotland.

The last few minutes of life had Josefin Nilsson been out a walk with her sister Marie and her dog. When they returned to the house after the walk went Josefin and laid to rest – then woke up, she never again.

– She went out and went for a walk with his dog and his sister, went to bed at bed and did not wake up. So we do not know what it was in the body said in the said close friend Thomas Sundstrom, who is also a theater director at the County Theater Gotland, on Josefins last moment of life.

– Marie and she were together, at home of Josephine. They were out walking and then … there is no long lapse.

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the doctors did not find the error

Josefin Nilsson felt a little under the weather this weekend, he says. Secondly, she still had pain after hip surgery a few weeks ago, and was a cold at the time.

Thomas Sundstrom, sometimes called “brother” would meet Josefin to repeat the performance “The sisters sisters” now on Tuesday .

– I knew she had physical problems, but not at this level that we thought she would go away from us. We joked a lot about life and death when we rehearsed.

Josefin Nilsson got a problem with his hip because of its rigid spine surgery. But it was not the only physical problems she had. In recent years, she suffered from hair loss – and the doctors do not know why.

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Josefin Nilsson have hidden disease

She was in the second part of his career, he says. She had found a new expression and thrived in the after a period of doubt .

– It was not at this level that you felt that Josephine was in bad shape. But I think that maybe she was hiding it very well, too, says Sundström on.

– She was humorous about their ailments, and why did not it so seriously. She felt so incredibly strong. She never asked a single performance. It was always here and now.

– It was not that she said “I feel so bad, I will not do it.” There was no such thing. Hip crumbled towards the end, she could collapse. But she never complained. has it that the hip folds, then you have terrible pain. It is so that you will be in a corner and howl, but she never complained. “Oh, I can support me on that.”


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