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Josefins unknown disc – which never was published – Expressen

People Dear Josefin Nilsson lived artistry and stood on stage right through to the final.

After the left Ainbusk singer amounts of music – that never got published.

– When you worked for as long as she is obviously material everywhere, says his friend and producer Mike Lyander.

Josefin Nilsson lived until in the end for the music and the scene . When she suddenly passed away on Monday, she was in the midst of the work on the show “The Sisters sisters”, and behind them, she had a solid career as both a singer and an actor.

But all she managed to create during his 46- year life did not reach the public.

– There is at least one recording, a disc album with Josefin not released. I know she did a blue plate that is not published, says comedian Babben Larsson , 59, on the disc that should have been recorded for more than ten years ago.

Babben met Josefin Nilsson and the rest of Ainbusk in the late 1980s when she was asked if she wanted to direct their show “Straight sheets”.

– I got to be part of bringing them one step from very talented amateurs to become more professional, she recalls.

If the sudden death announcement, she says:

– I just disappeared in some non-state throughout the day. The grief was not until forward when I heard her on the radio, when I let the thoughts as well. It was so sudden. There was no real warning.

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The producer who worked most and densely with Josefin Nilsson’s Mike Lyander at Sandkviestudion in Visby, Gotland. Though he says that there are loads of unreleased material by Josefin Nilsson. The specific disc however, he has no clear memory of.

– I have worked a lot with the sisters in incredibly many projects and sets. What has become discs I have not really track of the day, you make music all the time. Sometimes it’s songwriting, sometimes the finished discs, he says and continues:

– When you worked for as long as she is obviously material everywhere, both started, that is published and not. We do not know. I know we have recorded both discs that have been issued and the material has not been published.

In addition to being Josefin Nilsson producer, he was also her close friend.

– I have not that much I can say more than that I’m very sorry. We are close to each other, we’ve been around each other a long time, I have been involved since the beginning of her career. We are close, the families also.

His last stage performance she did last summer with her sister Marie on Gotland landshövdings annual summer party.

But as late as New Year’s Eve, she and her sister a song number on a New Year and birthday party on the island.

– She was a mighty good mood and we sat and talked. The sisters also made a short appearance with very good mood and it was so typical of Josephine: twinkle in his eye and a fighting spirit, remember Babben Larsson who was also at the party.


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