Friday, March 11, 2016

Lindqvist Good to SVT bet on William Spetz – Göteborgs-Posten

A crackling intermission of fifteen pop veterans. A final field of artists who danced here directly from the races, or malfunctioned through it fairly permissive eye of the needle in the second chance. To this gina dirawi that in a relatively short time has grown into one of SVT’s heaviest names.

And yet, despite all this, it is one of nineteen northerner with a broad smile and big glasses with Frans aspire spot Mello finale biggest star.

William Spetz has stuck like a turbo-fueled rise from key youtuber to the host of the largest television program. It is impressive and I am full of admiration for the young William who dare, willing and able. But momentum is one thing, it has a lot of people. It does not mean that they are actually released. Too many organizations, and even other parts of life, unnecessary braking.

Therefore, I want, and it does not happen often in pop contexts, plussa SVT bet on a super talent that Williams Spetz. Not least given that there is apparently a deliberate strategy to encourage new talent, often with SVT Play as moderately tough and effective lock.

Now remains is understood to see how Williams Spetz fare on Saturday, but really, whatever it is tempting to compare with Henry Schyffert which also was the sidekick of the year.

Both are comedians with the actor’s ambitions and Schyffert began with what was 90 -talets Youtube in Sweden, namely ZTV. He uses himself to joke about it over a period sufficient to pass the channel’s offices at Västmannagatan in Stockholm to get a job as host.

Really, it was not, of course, but it’s actually a good benchmark. New talents must get the chance and even though I have many long objected to the Eurovision Song Contest is there anything, in recent years has been very good at. Especially when it comes to artists, but now also the presenters. To the contrary it is about the same gang that sits on the leading positions in production is another story, and considering all the rookies on the scene, it is probably a good approach.

Finally. All indications right now to change the name of the Friends of Frans Arena on Saturday night.


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