Thursday, March 10, 2016

The phenomenon Jenny Offill – criticism conversation about selling novel “Division of brooding” – Sveriges Radio

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Jenny Offill (born 1968) debuted in 1999 with “Last Things” but it took until 2014 before her second novel was published. “Department of speculation” is the title of it, which has become “Division of ruminations” in Swedish.

Offill teaches creative writing including at Columbia University and she has published several children’s books over the years, but this brooding little book has become a real breakthrough, a huge success in their home country USA and also translated into ten languages.

on the surface, the book is about a woman who wrote a book and now the lot of years later, questions about the others who never came. She meets a man, falls in love, they have children and move to an apartment.

The baby has colic, the man is cheating and the apartment has lice, and in the midst of all this stands the protagonist and brooding pines that become her life and her writing.

P1 culture receive TV host Mona Masri was visited by Marie Lundström Lundström bokradio in P1 and Maria G Francke, cultural journalist on HD Sydsvenskan and writers, to discuss the phenomenon Offill.

REVIEW. Anneli Dufva Jenny Offills “Dept of brooding”


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