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Per Hägred: George Martin attracted the best of the Beatles – Expressen

George Martin’s death is breaking news on most news sites.

But who the hell is that when he superokände superstar?

Well the man who screwed the Beatles sound and got some order on Liverpoolslynglarna in the recording studio.

So important that he was nicknamed the fifth Beatle.

and still remembered despite the fact that it’s been 46 years since he last played the whole group together.

He was 90. Involved in the end.

Can not help but think of his protégé, John Lennon. His sudden death sent shock waves across the world. Not least because he was so young. He was 40. 2001 died the next Beatle, George Harrison. Today remains Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr from the old group. (It was, incidentally, Ringo Starr tweeted about George Martin’s death.) And although it is not as startling as when John and George died grieve a lot popvärld champion.

But who the hell is George Martin?

He started as an employee of the record company EMI who contracted the Beatles. Played the comedian Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan. But even skifflegrupper, the vanguard of pop band that just the Beatles, you could say. You listen to the Vipers No other baby George Martin produced, it is not a long step to the Beatles.

From the beginning, he was just like that right mood for the group, although he liked John and Paul’s voices.

But once he had the quartet assembled in the studio at Abbey Road in London, only to start a new chapter in the large in the history book.

when to the Beatles all the discs had a big redecoration summer of 2009, I visited the studio of the world famous Abbey Road in London. It was there that George Martin urged the four members of the Beatles doing their best discs would be fine. To me that day in 2009 had to sit in the studio, fiddling, buttons, babbling with techniques that actually was with during production, listening to the music and not least sit in Martin’s chair was like barging into just that chapter.

I met Martin a couple of times.

the first time during a concert in Malmo with the symphony orchestra that would play Beatles. Martin’s friend – Double or Nothing champion in Beatles Studies, Staffan Olander had managed to attract martins to Sweden to supervise the concert (which also Triple & amp; Touch starred).

I had a chat with star producer and was proficient nervous about the meeting, but he proved how nice any time and did not mind talking Beatles.

the only problem was that after years in the studio become hard of hearing. A terrible fate for a man who lived on just his hearing but thankfully was the son Giles, in his father’s footsteps and got the process and modernize his father’s old recordings.

But what did he do that was so good when with Beatles?

He was, in addition to a typical British gentleman, also a master in the studio. He managed to attract the best of the Beatles. And he had an ability to evolve along with the group. He was responsive to John Lennon all revolutionary ideas as he saw that the group was working disciplined and not lost in too insane experiments. He led them with a sure hand from the innocent boy-kissing-girl-pop to psychedelic and avant-garde digressions.

Of course, John and Paul fared well on its own and without a father figure, George Martin, who incidentally worked together with Paul Bond song Live and Let die. But the question is if anyone, besides just when George Martin, had managed to pin the actual group The Beatles in pop history in the way that was done.

I played Im only sleeping when John Lennon died. It fits well today, too. The music is still there. Forever. Thank you for that.


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