Sunday, March 13, 2016

Schlager-Stefan: A new star has brought – Eskilstuna Courier

Eurovision Song Contest is over for this year, after many weeks on tour were held in the weekend finals before a full house at the Friends Arena in Stockholm.

Melodifestivalen struck voting record in the final with over 12 million votes, unbelievable what great interest in this competition attracts.

There were many who wanted to be with and decide which contributions would represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest at home in May.

During the tour brought a new star in the fourth round of Gavle, 1:17 year old guy named Francis. He really took the Swedish people by storm in his race and it was a long time since they felt that a debutant got such enormous response in his conduct that he got in his race.

After that he sailed up as the year’s big favorite for the final victory and advance favorites like Molly Sanden, Ace Wilder, Oscar Zia and Wiktoria ended suddenly overshadowed.

Now the talk was almost exclusively about the Frenchman and the only thing that could trap him believed was the International Jury.

But when the first juries cast their votes could see immediately that Francis went home in Europe and got very points from juries.

When the Swedish people would cast their votes had been fairly clear that it would be the Frenchman who got the most points and so was also the case.

The Frenchman was the overall winner and it means that we have the youngest winner of the Eurovision Song Contest since Carola won in 1983 with “Alien”.

When Francis met the press after the broadcast, he was very calm and they wondered if he really understood that he won.

This young guy does not seem to have much to stress him up, he gives an overall impression and quiet all the time.

Now the 17-year-old to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Contest, something he hardly even dreamed of a few weeks ago.

Oscar Zia finished in second place and was the contribution that got the highest score of the International Jury. Ace Wilder was in the top of both the jury and the people, and it was enough for third place.

The biggest surprise in the results list was Samir & amp; Viktor for that very unexpectedly received the lowest score of the Swedish people and the zero point of the International Jury.

During this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, we have seen veterans fall heavily every week and classic pop contributions have ended up on the ground investments.

The young artists have reaped the greater successes and finals featured more young acts than ever before.

If this is a trend that is continuing into next year remains to be seen but it has anyway been the year’s biggest talking point of the tour.

Melodifestivalen otherwise retains grip on viewers and the program has presented the voting record several times.

Host gina dirawi have conducted themselves well during these weeks but the best thing has been that, she held various host with them along the way that have created variety in the program.

We remember most Jöback Peter and Ola Salo’s vocal efforts that were really good in the Second Chance program a week ago.

Now we leave this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and are looking to the Eurovision Song Contest being held in mid May in Stockholm, which must Frans defend the Swedish colors.

Year joy spreader:
Panetoz who spread joy throughout the tour, they attended three of six weeks of its contribution and made sure that the tour was extra fun. What incredible energy, the guys do not get tired on stage nor the after parties!

The year’s funniest:
Samir & amp; Viktor find on crazy things all the time and enlivens everything in Schlager Country. This year’s Underpants coup at the dress rehearsal had the entire press corps of choking. We need a Samir & amp; Viktor in this competition, thanks for you were there for the second time!

This year’s highlight:

The amazing act of the final program with Swedish stars like Kikki Danielsson, Elisabeth Andreassen, Charlotte Perrelli, Magnus Carlsson, Nanne Grönwall others. Thanks for that we finally got to listen to some pop songs in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest!


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