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So was the little-Zlatan entire country’s Eurovision Hope – Expressen

“How is this going to go?”

When Frans Jeppsson-Wall stepped on stage for the first rope during Melodifestivalen contest in Gavle twisted people in the audience.

The overall press corps, which saw the first rehearsals, stood cautiously hesitant.

sure, Lill-Zlatan song was good on the disc. But he’s not got to the song at all. Was there even a melody? The risk was – flat case.

Two days passed.

On Saturday combed Frans Jeppsson-Wall home a finals place.

No one was more shocked.

the Frenchman was the thing.

Something had happened in Sweden.


Frans Jeppsson-Wall broke through a day in May 2006. Sjuåringens song and Zlatan -hyllning “Who’s da man” was an immediate hit.

the timing was perfect. The same year, Tomas Ledin “We are on time” as the official anthem of the Swedish national football World Cup adventure.

Frans song went on to knock Ledin – and topped the hit list for 10 weeks. Ledin only managed to reach fifth place.

sjuåringen life changed drastically. The little boy who grew up in Ystad became a national celebrity.

And he took for himself. During Sing-along at Skansen same year, he stole the show from Tomas Ledin, and was appointed to the evening’s best artist of Expressen’s readers.

Tomas Ledin responded by not performing his fotbollslåt. He did not answer questions about the Frenchman.

Frans himself was not shy at attention. He proclaimed that he was now tired of Zlatan’s performance in the national team.

Instead, Ronaldinho now Frans favorite players.

– I think Zlatan is a bit old, said Frans.

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Frans autograph as 7- age Photo: Lasse Svensson


as a child, Frans the most obvious of stars.

he had a clear vision, when he was seven years old were interviewed in Expressen:

– I want to be super famous, more famous than Zlatan he said.

But the 17-year-old was the nerves, the resurrection, who put it to Gavle.

the decade Frans was away from the spotlight, he was not on stage . It was like the first time again.

– It was so very new. It was the first time in ten years. So it was a lot of new impressions. This environment, I have not really been used. For it is a lot of responsibility for me, says Frans Jeppsson Wall.


As little had Frans Jeppsson-Wall actually quite other dreams.

The artistry was something he planned to do a full time job, he told seven.

– I like to do other things.


– as to work with snakes, spiders and stuff.


When the hosts cried out Frans Jeppsson Wall, who advance to the finals, he could not believe his ears.

he had earlier in the consignment has been skämtad with when SVT deceived him that he would get a Zlatan Greeting.

the French responded by whispering something in broadcasting – online singled words like “bitch”. But it was not the truth.

– They filmed very strange. I scolded myself that I went on it. But I said absolutely not “bitch”.

He says that SVT warned him before the joke.

– Deep down, I knew. They warned me a bit. Ten seconds before they said: “Just laugh and smile.” I took nothing.

So when it became clear that he would have to stand on stage at the Friends Arena in the final, let all the emotions.

– There was so much energy. I found it hard to think, to do it, to do the thing. My songwriters came and kissed me. It made me most shocked. It’s crazy that it ended like this. There was not. I do not know what to say. Ystad, home, family, all their support has been absolutely crazy, says Frans.

But the hangover came quickly.

During the final week something happened that did not happen. Several had reacted to the artist’s song is very similar to Matt Simon’s hit “Catch & amp; release”. The international record company behind Matt Simons, PIAS Recordings, chose to investigate the resemblance.

Frans Jeppsson-Wall quickly hit back.

– I heard the song yesterday and do not feel they are equal. I have not been affected by this, he said.

At the same time, he was concerned about how it would affect him.

– It is a pity that it comes up like this. It always does it, he said and continued:

– If anything, it’s one of those bad news, good news. It has only put more focus on me. In a strange way. But at the same time not hurt. For I have noticed that every writing bad it is thirty people who just pepper them. It’s fun to see, says Frans.

And on the final day came the next blow. Rival Ace Wilder went into the debate.

– It was very similar. He does it very well in their way. They do it very well in their way. I do not want to say anything. It puts me in trouble, said Ace Wilder.

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Photo: Ida Bergsten


Something had happened.

Ahead of the finale was suddenly favorites like Molly Sanden and Ace Wilder alone in the green room when vankades press conference.

the press?

the queued at a taciturn Frenchman.

the two measly weeks he had saved the Swedish people.

No one could quite put the word out how. But Spotify lists spoke volumes. He had already won.

Self Frenchman was concerned. He had shaken off the tough plagiatanklagelsen. Now he focused only on performance on stage.

There was a must.

Frans Jeppsson Wall’s biggest concern was that the great commotion would upset him off balance. It was the only thing that could stop him.

His schedule was regulated hard during the final week – the number of interviews was limited.

Nothing could go wrong.

– I do not allow it affect me. I displays of pretty much. Everything possible from affecting me not so good. I start thinking too much, a little too much stress. When performing, I do not, he said.

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As the result, it was given, it was clear that everything has gone according to script.

We had a winner.

It was the Frenchman.

It was just what everyone expected.

Except Frans himself.

Now wait Eurovision. Frenchman believes he can translate the love the Swedish people feel for him, to the European audience.

– I still believe that people are quite similar. I hope that they relate to the feeling that happened in Gavle. I’m just saying: It happened in Gavle. There was a thing in itself.


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