Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sign language interpreter throwing clothes in the SVT – Expressen

SVT sign interpreter Romel Belcher could not stay – when Samir and Viktor sang “Bathing naked” in the contest, he threw the clothes.

Now, Romel Belcher, 27 , success online.

It was not only Samir Badran, 25, and Viktor Frisk, 21, who threw the clothes during Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest. Even 27-year-old Romel Belcher took the opportunity to tear off his shirt while he signs interpreted the duo’s contribution “both naked.”

When Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk happily splashing in the pool, dressed in underwear and shorts on the Melodifestivalen stage took sign interpreter of his shirt, threw it aside on the floor and danced then remove the transmission.

Now hailed Romel Belcher online.

“in the future, I’ll just check melfest with sign language interpretation. This is too good, “wrote a user on Twitter.

” As usual, I love our sign language interpreters during #melfest Romel you took! “adds another.

a third twitterers notes “This year mello star”.

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last year, stole the sign interpreter Tommy Krånghs show for his portrayal of Måns Zelmerlöw, 29 contributions “Heroes” in social media.

When did he smash hit in social media for its valued interpretations of the finalists.

“Send Tommy to Vienna,” suggested one user on Twitter.

“So incredibly braaa!” wrote another time.

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But it was not the first time Tommy Krångh took the audience by storm. Already several years earlier charmed he likewise after his character interpretive of Dead by April’s contribution.

Afterward, he told in an interview with the newspaper Language why he believes that it is not enough to have a simple text string to the songs.

– You do not get the tone, emotions, intonation, irony. You do not know how the music sounds – it’s ballad or hard rock? We do so that those who use sign language get a similar experience that those who hear. You see, you hear, you sync. A subtitle gives no whole.


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