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SVT warns Samir Badran after the coup – Expressen

SVT warns Samir Badran for advertising coup in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The artist clearly showed the brand of their underwear in the middle of transmission – and then defied his SVT’s words from General rope and put wearing a t-shirt with print.

the channel will now take a meeting with the artist before the final.

– There must not be repeated, says Anette Helenius, project manager for the Eurovision Song Contest.

It started with Samir Badran, 25, completed the General rope with a t-shirt with advertising – something contrary to SVT’s rules.

the canal was in contact with the artist before tonight’s “Second chance” and announced that he had to change t-shirt, which the artist did.

But instead chose Samir Badran to clear showcase mark on his underpants in his “Bathing naked” with Viktor Frisk.

Now, SVT to talk to Samir after he decided to break the rules.

– We have strict rules when it comes to advertising and exposure of the television context. And we must talk to Samir and his record label before the finals. For it is clear that it is okay if you ask us, says Anette Helenius, project manager for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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Samir: “I will get crap “

Samir himself is aware that advertising coup could cause problems for him. In Expressen live television, he says the following:

– I will certainly get crap as always, he says.

The artist chose later in the contest to break the SVT rules again .

After he performed his song he chose to put on the t-shirt SVT banned during General of the rope.

– There we asked him if he should not have the t-shirt on himself. For some reason he changed. The reason why he has changed just can he answer, but I guess he has a good, says Anette Helenius.

What do you think of it?

– Yes, it is no good.

What will you do for the kind of measures?

– We from the program page can not do anything about it. But we can appeal to the artists that they should not expose any trademark, if they do, then the damage is done.

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The channel will have been meeting with Samir

SVT will now have a meeting with Samir before the finals next weekend – to explain that he must not break the rules.

– We will meet before the finals and going out with clear information to Samir this is not okay for SVT, to have clothes with brand names appearing in the picture, says Anette Helenius.

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