Sunday, March 6, 2016

Johanna Hagström: devout Foppa Cult of Eternal Glory – Göteborgs-Posten

It is frankly a bit embarrassing when Foppa cult makes no talk about anything else in the program, writes Johanna Hagström.

the first group in the Masters champion and it was at times like that there was only one person in the competition:

Fååååååååppa Fååååååårsberg!

camera caressed hockey legend mixer beard, his newly slimmed-down stomach, his vargblå eyes.

It is clear that I also completely to me in pantaloons to Peter (apparently called the flop of his friends, what do you give me for it ?!) Forsberg is with this season.

But it is frankly a bit embarrassing when Foppa cult makes no talk about anything else in the program.

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Niklas Jihde donned commentator role and expressed the almost worshipful admiration the group had.

A couple of examples:

“it was the same team as yesterday, Peter wanted it. Peter says something, you listen to. “

” I just think it’s cool to see such a great athlete up close … but I will not ask for an autograph, I will not do. “

okay, okay. It was little funny when Niklas Jihde and Jorgen Persson commented that one could read the Foppa, sorry, Flopens mood of the clothes.

Jorgen: “Finskjortan went on immediately, and finbyxorna too. Yesterday was the sweat pants and t-shirt. It was good to see that he was in a good mood. Glad he got a win. “

Yes, the fun that he got a win. For as outstanding best, he was surely not in the first few races? Rather, we got to see a smoother starting field than for several seasons.

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I like that remade so that more competitions are team competitions, so people should not give up early in the branches they are weak in strategic reasons. It bodes well.

What more bode well: the next group is Bjorn Ferry with. And Heidi Andersson. And Kennet Andersson. Then it will go by!


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