Tuesday, March 1, 2016

The crowd’s tributes to Josefin Nilsson – Swedish Radio

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including P4 Gotland Facebook writes Lis: Remember the dej Josefin so funny when I also rented Brewery theater room at Strand street, in the beginning of your career. You had such a subtle humor and beautiful fragility in her voice.

Matt Do not react significantly when people go away (of life). But this felt. Right in the heart.

Magnus : Saw them live theater bird blue Östermalm 1987. As Stockholmskis and returned after 10 months military service in Visby, it was a memorable encounter. Went myself and saw them it was like my patch to see any recognition of a Gotland I did not before and knew how to defend. So sad to hear.

Gunilla : Remember the incredible notion Sisters Sisters, where the two of you left out your brand to the audience and with the feeling. Never forget your monologue that you made yourself when you sat on the stairs and told me – it hurt the heart and stomach – the power to dare this, but you had support from each other. The I’ll never forget.

Moa: Oh so sad. I listen to is always within me every week .. Totta and Josefin, so nice song.

Chris: disc that SHAPES she made in cooperation with Bjorn and Benny is a fantastic slice

Lasse: one of the finest, most sensitive votes. A large loss. I thought she was amazing. You heard directly in her voice that she was honest, it was genuine. It went straight into the stomach, there was no way to defend himself. Thanks to a lot of fine music, and rest in peace, beautiful, fine Josefin.

Marianne : I will remember her soft, beautiful gotländskan with the amazing voice … that made songs like Love me and Lassie to stick with me forever …

Ann : She has a special place in my heart. My mother was very fond of her love me for who I am and it was sung at my mother’s funeral in 1995. Each time it plays, I think of her. Thank you, sleep well, Josefin

Magnus: Your voice has always struck me. The news of your death upon me. You have made a huge difference

Pia: Come to lack Josefins wonderful voice. Josefin’s interpretation of “should I stay or Should I go” one evening in Vitabergsparken many years ago helped me make a life-changing decision. Rest in peace

Britannica: The most fragile -starka I ever heard sing. I do not find words. I lived with her and her singing in so long.

Eva: My little fine student at Högby School had minimal interest in German verbs. What was true was the song!

Claes: Boring. The film Adam and Eve’s one of my favorites, I’ve seen several times. Rest In Peace!

Host Erik Blix writes P4 Extras Facebook: I did not know her, but it’s incredibly sad when a young, multi-talented and charismatic person – who also already had tough challenges to fight – suddenly torn away, seemingly just then a new artistic spring and flowering was in the making.

On Twitter, type Anna : So incredibly tragic. A great voice that silenced too early. Tara: What insanely sad news. Mike: A really sad news has just reached me, tragically. Josefin has known almost all my life. Man gets wet in the eye.

Robert Perlskog: So sad to Josefin Nilsson, an artist that most Swedes had some sort of relationship. A talented woman of the world’s most beautiful island

Dan Hylander: Always in me Totta Naslund / Josefin Nilsson. Finest, finest Josefin. There is too much tears this winter

Richard Herrey: What tragic news. What sorrow for her family.
Josefin Nilsson has fallen asleep.

Nanne Grönvall: The charismatic, amazing artist Josefin Nilsson has passed away . Thanks for all the unforgettable songs and shows that always touched. R.I.P

zinat pirzadeh: No! :-( Why? Very difficult to understand that great Josefin Nilsson is dead. RIP fine you!

Thomas Di Leva: Josefin Nilsson. Thanks for everything you have given us.
Your beautiful voice continues to sing forever in our hearts.
Light, Peace & amp; Love

Babben Larsson: this day stopped completely when I got the news that loved Josefin Nilsson passed away just 46 years old. Siv Guttenberg until we meet Josa …

in the Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet writes Hanna Österberg in a column: Josefin Nilsson was the who taught us girls who grew up in rural Gotland in the 90s to Showa and take for himself. Her laughter was a things that made everyone turn around when you went through when in the summer.

If the film Adam & amp; Eve writes Stefan Wesley in the TVdags.se Björn Kjellman and she was perfect together, and when the rest of the movie was possibly too much Annie Hall – copy (but really funny!) felt starring role relationship only realistic and genuine.

the Daily News writes Sara Martinsson of Love me: Josephine was only 22 years and performed big sister Marie Nilsson Lind’s text to Benny Andersson melody with an artless straightness catapult shot her straight into the Swedish people heart. Gotländskan that shone through as would her singing unvarnished, newly awake. The text natural and heartfelt lines. “See the butterfly wing kind in all the heavens danger, see all the starry eyes flashing light.” All of this established the links to a Swedish song tradition dating back to the Bellman, and longer.


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