Thursday, March 3, 2016

Viktor voice breakdown for wild spirits party – Aftonbladet

HALMSTAD. Several of the artists celebrated Viktor Frisk early this morning.

The day after feeling Viktor Frisk of rhinitis – and take it easy on the rope.

– Viktor takes a little cautious at first and second to take in at the last, says FLOOR MANAGER Henric von Zweibergk.

Viktor Frisk celebrated magnificently during the night.

Samir Badran had arranged a party with free food and booze at a restaurant outside the center Halmstad.

– Yes, I did a damn good surprise party for Viktor. Everything was free. I was nervous, at first it would just be a dinner, but then it started to get so many people that I subscribed the entire restaurant and tweaked taxis went there, says Samir.

Viktor, became wildly?

– Yes, to say the least. I came home five in the morning, I fill only 21 once in a lifetime.

Are you feeling well today?

– I’m a little stuffy nose only, but I feel surprisingly good. I was out walking at nine o’clock this morning.

But on Thursday the rope he was forced to hold back the vote.

– Viktor takes a little cautious at first and second to take in at the last, said studio man Henric von Zweibergk .

the artist took the microphone from your mouth, pikades by Samir Badran and commented yourself problems from the scene.

– I must save his voice, he said.

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Boris stayed in the hotel room

also Boris René was forced to hold back the song.

– I’ve been sick so I held back and did not want to press too much, but save on the voice. I must be a little cautious and hold back.

He took early evening yesterday and stayed in the hotel room to cure themselves.

– I dimmed and prepares for the show on Saturday. It is not the time to take it all out.

Saraha has suffered colds since the race in Norrkoping.

– I’m still unwell, the neck is not quite as it should. I will sleep and chew ginger. On Saturday it will be good, she says.

Molly: “Now stressing me up”

Molly Pettersson Hammar has been fighting against the disease in the past week .

– You may hear that I’m under the weather now but it will not sound when I sing. I have taken all the drugs available so I’ve done pretty good, ‘she said yesterday.

Is there a risk that it will come back?

– Haha, no now stressing me up like hell.

but health was shaky after Thursday’s rep.

– it’s okay, but it begins to loosen snot terms. I’m snotty today, not quite a hundred but I’m in such a good mood that I can not be bothered to think about it.

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