Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Cooperation shall strengthen the local art – Helsingborgs Dagblad

15 miljonprogramsområden have been selected in the government’s effort “Art happens”. – All to take part in the contemporary art world, and it is not always represented in the “million” programme, says project manager Lena From the national public art council.

15 different miljonprogramsområden has selected to the government’s project “Art happens”. Press image.Image: Ricard Estay

In Tynnered outside Gothenburg to high school, after unsuccessful attempts to break a downward spiral, be put down. Next door to the school is the recreation center Tyrol whose young people have long campaigned for greater security and more influence in the area, ” says ungdomskonsulenten Samuel Venegas.

With the help of the “Art happening” hope you accomplish both meetings with the local administration as a better environment.

“Right now, it is very much about listening to young people,” says Susanne Alfjord, head of culture and leisure in the West of Gothenburg.

Tynnered is one of the 15 miljonprogramsområden that have panned out of a total of 153 applications. The government has allocated sek 25 million over three years, and a prerequisite has been that the art projects will be designed together with the residents.

We went directly to civil society and asked what you would like to influence through art, ” says Lena From.

In the government’s directive is also said that one should focus on areas with low voter turnout, and develop methods for citizen participation.

the Projects are all about creating new spaces or develop the existing ones. As an example, Norrköping, where the newly arrived architects want to build a meeting place in the area of Hageby. In Jordbro in Haninge want to kulturföreningarna open in the day closed, and the closed architecture of the culture – and the clubhouse in the centre; it should be visible what is going on.

Lindängen in Malmö, sweden should invest more in artwork in the gaturummen. In Hammarkullen in Gothenburg, a group of women joined together in order to preserve the closed bathhouse, which has been an important meeting place. The bath has now been rescued, and the central arts council shall cooperate with the local forces on the renovation.

Art is good at creating meetings, both with himself and others, and get the keys to a better understanding of who you are and what place man has in the world, ” says Lena From.

– There is a longing in these areas to meet more native swedes. Art is a very good place for this because konstupplevelsen often are at a loss for words. You can share it with others, regardless of what language you speak.

the Facts: the Areas included in the “Art happens”

• Amiralstaden, Malmö, sweden

• Gamlegården, Kristianstad, sweden

• Gärdeåsen, Ljusdal

• Hageby, Norrköping, sweden

• Hammarkullen, Gothenburg, sweden

• Holma, Malmö, sweden

• the Hässelby, Stockholm, sweden

• Jordbro, Haninge

• Kungsmarken, Karlskrona

• Lindängen, Malmö, sweden

• Prästholmen, Boden

• Råby, Vasteras

• the sms ranches in texas, Jönköping, sweden

• Tjärna meadows, Borlänge, sweden

• Tynnered, Gothenburg, sweden


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