Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The “million” programme that will be boosted with the “Art happening” – Radio Sweden

the Programme in the country which in its time was built quickly, a lot and often large in order to meet the need for housing is utskällda and not always so attractive, but now the national public art council has designated 15 such places where you will be working with art to make them better places to live in – for example a bath house in Hammarkullen in Gothenburg or a meeting point in Hageby in Norrköping. Lena From is is project director at the national public art and common for those who have gone on is that people’s involvement was strong.

– It may be that a project in Lindängen in Malmö where a parents ‘ association joined forces in an activist way of working to change a square. They want to be able to make it so attractive that people want to come there and stay for 30 minutes.

But Lena From think that after the preparatory work with the project able to establish the commitment is so that it is possible to build.

“Art happening” is bet from the government to work with art with the “million” programme (areas, together with those who live there. The goal is to provide examples of what public art can be and to develop methods for active citizenship.

15 areas have been gleaned from a total of 153 applications, which then became 25 after a first selection. They have, among other things, looked at the area’s development potential, economic conditions and tried to make sure to get a good geographical spread over the country. The government’s directive is also said that one should focus on areas with low voter turnout, and develop methods for citizen participation.

the Project is not about handing out money, but to initiate a collaboration with the national public art council on art in the area.

– We have approached directly to civil society and asked what you would like to influence through art, ” says Lena From.

the Projects are all about creating new spaces or develop the existing ones. As an example, Norrköping, where the newly arrived architects want to build a meeting place in the area of Hageby. In Jordbro in Haninge to cultural associations open to the closed premises against the square outside. Lindängen in Malmö, sweden should invest more in artwork in the gaturummen. In Hammarkullen in Gothenburg, a group of women joined together in order to preserve the closed bathhouse, which has been an important meeting place. The bath has now been rescued, and the central arts council shall cooperate with the local forces on the renovation.

But isn’t there a risk when using the civil society that it easily runs out in the sand – it is based very much on everyone has the time to engage in such a thing?

” Well, it is and the risk is very real. That is why we have had a long förundersökningsfas. But the reason is that we wanted to try the sustainability of the collaborations that exist locally. For it requires time, energy, commitment and willingness. We can meet with the work of art but it also cost the effort in to engage in an artistic work.

These areas start projects:

Amiralstaden, Malmö, sweden

Gamlegården, Kristianstad, sweden

Gärdeåsen, Ljusdal

Hageby, Norrköping, sweden

Hammarkullen, Gothenburg, sweden

Holma, Malmö, sweden

Hässelby, Stockholm, sweden

Jordbro, Haninge

Kungsmarken, Karlskrona

Lindängen, Malmö, sweden

Prästholmen, Boden

Råby, Vasteras

the sms ranches in texas, Jönköping, sweden

Tjärna meadows, Borlänge, sweden

Tynnered, Gothenburg, sweden


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