Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Miriam Bryant single – dumped Tommy – Göteborgs-Posten

Music “It required too much energy,” she reveals in the Breaking News with Filip and Fredrik on channel 5 on Wednesday.

Miriam Bryant told Filip Hammar and Fredrik Wikingsson that her relationship with Tommy Hey, drummer of the German metal band Desasterkids, in the end was not worth the effort.

It was revealed in Channel 5′s Breaking News that was broadcast during Wednesday evening.

” Yes, I have dumped him. It was incredible hard to be together md him, It required too much energy. Too much time, ” she told the hosts.

Who to get rid of cancer

Filip Hammar question if Bryant will now try to find a new “metallsnubbe” she replies short and sweet.

” As I said to you in the break. It feels like I’ve had a cancer for a year and now is fully recovered, ” said Miriam Bryant, according to Expressen.

Declared his love in a song

” Yes, but it is about the two of us. We met on a dance floor in Berlin and I asked him for a lighter. On the way it is. He lives in Berlin and drive a black car. It is very autobiographical, most of what I write is highly personal.

- It is a love story that is about the simple first meeting and how to as well as drifting up, but also about how there always is perishable, ” said Miriam Bryant then.

Perishable was the word.

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