Thursday, October 6, 2016

Philip and Jennie Hammar separates – Aftonbladet

Tv profile of Filip, 41, and his wife, the journalist Jennie Hammar, 31, separates.

It tells Jennie in his podcast "the Week bläcka".

“It has been a tough time, but it will be better,” she says.

Philip and Jennie Hammar got married in France in 2008. Now, the relationship has ended.

In the last episode of the podcast "this Week’s bläcka" that Jennie has together with his friend the Karin Bastin, she says, and she and Philip to separate.

It has been speculated a lot and people have heard of. I think people have seen that I’m not really myself. It is so that me and Philip to separate, ” she says.

Jennie says that in the recent past has been tough, but the support from her friends has meant a lot.

” It is absolutely not a fun time in life, but you are so happy that you have friends. It is so amazing that I have you, ” she says to Karin Bastin.

Jennie Hammar want to tell you about the separation to avoid further speculation and rumors.

” I know that I want to say why I have been as I have been. And I think we have so much fun every week when we play in pod, there is a highlight and one of those humörhöjare, really. On the real. That I want to continue with that, just everything else in life.

Have two children together

the Couple have two children, one and two years old, together. Their oldest daughter was born in 2013 in november at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. In september last year they got their second, a son.

– We have two beautiful children together, we will solve it here, ” says Jennie.

She continues:

” You can never plan anything in life, so it is. It is what you’ll learn. You may take it as it comes.

Jennie and Philip met at the pub. In a previous episode of "the Week bläcka" has Jennie told that Philip invited her out on a date after they had a joint evening in Stockholm. Shortly thereafter, they became a couple and in the summer of 2008, the minister of a catholic priest in France.

On the site were, among others, Philip’s sister, Linda Hammar, who appeared in the tv program "another part of Köping" and his constant helping Fredrik Wikingsson.

Married in France

” We had a still small, but still really married down here. It was, of course, brilliant, the families gathered, not a bang, but it was wonderful, ” said Philip to Nöjesbladet then.

the Couple got married, also, additional time in the united states.

Jennie and Philip have lived in Los Angeles since 2009, and moved there with the ambition that Philip would be working on tv in the united states. Jennie has also reported from Hollywood for among other things, the magazine Amelia. They also have an apartment in Stockholm.

The last time the couple has been sparse with the images on each other on social media.

Filip is currently in Sweden where he is working with the "Breaking News" on channel 5, together with Fredrik Wikingsson.

Nöjesbladet have searched Filip for a comment. SEE ALSO Filip and Fredrik in jättebråk with SVT


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