Thursday, October 6, 2016

Unexpected sexfrågan makes Me embarrassed – Expressen

When the unexpected sexfrågan are becoming Pernilla Wahlgren embarrassed.

the Daughter of Bianca Ingrosso ask out his mother when she lost of virginity and when she had her first orgasm.

“No, but stop, oh my god,” says Pernilla Wahlgren.

"Wahlgrens world" which is broadcast on Channel 5, viewers follow Pernilla Wahlgren, 48, and her family. In the first section, go to: Pernilla Wahlgren car together with their daughter Bianca Ingrosso, 21, and his friend, Jessica Wahlgren, 41.

Bianca Ingrosso fit then to question her mom when she lost virginity.

It was late and good as well, I was 16 years old. Or, it was not late, it was just right. I had a relationship then, I had my first real boyfriend, respond Pernilla Wahlgren.

Bianca Ingrosso ask then when Pernilla Wahlgren had her first orgasm.

“No, but stop, oh my god,” says Pernilla Wahlgren.

” Was it with dad, ask Bianca Ingrosso.

“Stop now,” says Pernilla Wahlgren and do not want to answer the question if it was together with the children’s father Emilio Ingrosso who it was.

Jessica Wahlgren hooks at the hearing and was wondering if Pernilla had a fontänorgasm any time, which is met by the laughing protests, and any answers she gives are not vehicle occupants.

Bianca then asks if Pernilla has squirtat any time. (“squirta” = female ejaculation, reds. note)

“You make me uncomfortable, I am ashamed,” says Pernilla Wahlgren and laughing and thereby putting a stop to the hearing.

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Bianca Ingrosso has previously told you about the eating disorders she struggled with. Bulimin ceased only a month before her participation in the "Let’s dance", earlier in the year.

” I have learned that my eating disorder will always be back and forth. I’m still working with to find a perfect way to get me out of it. It is difficult. The behavior is not there, I won’t go into the bathroom after I’ve eaten. But I still have evil thoughts in your head. Many. Quite honestly, I feel disgusting when it comes to food sometimes, Bianca Ingrosso previously told.

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"Wahlgrens world" airs Thursdays 21.00 in Kanal5.

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