Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Danny Saucedos new TV job – debuts – Expressen

After Beck – now Stefan Sauk, and Danny Saucedo , taking over a new Swedish police series.

Rafael Edholm directs, and a pilot recorded right now.

– It’s like an antidote to Wallander and Beck says Rafael Edholm.

Beck-films coming to an end. But the cover can be filled quickly. Director Rafael Edholm works namely on a new drama series, placed in the police world.

– It is so far from Beck as one can get. It’s like an antidote to Wallander and Beck. But it’s a drama in the cop world, says Edholm currently working on the pilot.

The story revolves around an experienced police officer, played by Stefan Sauk . He has lost hope after his daughter has been hit by two drug addicts.

– There will be a kind of conflict there between, he as an officer, and he was as a father to his daughter. He is quite tangled. He tries to fill the lack of his daughter. This he does by walking a bit their own way, says Edholm.

Stefan Sauk has previously played “Hamilton”, but see this role as something completely different.

– It is another figure altogether. It is not a tired, Swedish police officer who toddles around and feel sorry for herself. This is much rougher, he said.

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Big surprise

big surprise, in turn, artist Danny Saucedo . He makes his debut as an actor in the role of Sauks colleague – a newly appointed police.

– Danny’s presence and warmth jumps through the window. Now we will continue to work and explore this and Danny thinks it will be very fun and a little scary – he is supposed up against Sauk, says Edholm, who previously made a music video together with Saucedo.

What form the project will take is not clear, but Edholm says that he has material that can become a TV series in three seasons. Screenplay was written by Edholm and processed by Hans Gunnarsson . The project is completely independent and it is not decided in which context it will be displayed.

– There’s TV4 but there are other musicians too. SVT does very good things now I think too. HBO and Netflix wants to do Scandinavian productions, so we’ll see. Story is king. We start from there and work not based clients.

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“mushy in the head”

The recording will be done when there is time in the autumn, while Rafael Edström working with Jersey Boys.

Stefan Sauk is also up to date with his show “Sauk – still skeptical,” premiering in Today, Wednesday. He describes it as a music-packed performance that put tough questions.

– I’m just released from “Stars in the Castle” so I’m a little cold and mushy in the head. But you have to start from where you are, says Sauk.

Danny Saucedo is in turn highly topical with the new single “Die for you”. Expressen has sought Danny Saucedo.

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