Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hello Saferide, Gotaplatsen Tuesday – Göteborgs-Posten


Hello Saferide, Gotaplatsen Tuesday

Audience: For streaming. From sparse to thick with people a bit below Götaplatsen.

The best: Annika Norlin’s ability to capture the audience and keep together the concert with the talking.

Worst: Why do sound off and creates feedback?

The weather is nothing wrong. No atmosphere either. The only thing that really reveals that it is the first major concert at the Gothenburg Culture Festival for this year’s audience. Fifteen minutes before the Hello Nightly should stand on the Gota site scene is plenty of space, and even sparsely around the Poseidon. But as the Avenue can swim in Hello Saferides pop melodies flowing crowd to. A little dazed they find the concert and in the end it is crowded in front of the stage. The sometimes dancing, sometimes standing audience reaches a bit below Götaplatsen.

The other day was Annika Norlin host the Summer in P1. She then spoke about the PMS and how difficult it could be to combine just that with being a performing artist. Without having any eye on Norlin’s hormonal cycle, she seems to be in a good mood and her small talk is ingenious.

Annika Norlin begin by telling you that this is an after tour of Hello Saferide. The atmosphere will be a bit like a party. Maybe you want to sit down and make out, you might want any prompt telling truths. Norlin himself explains that she is sitting in the kitchen and talk about heavy topics. In his Summer told Annika Norlin just that, it was when she started writing lyrics about pesky things that people started to listen.

She is a storyteller, she ties together songs that talk about crawling spirit of people who disrupt the rhythm ribbons morning exercisers in the swimming pool, she’s talking about Nazism and youth festivals, large threads and small things. Unusually, is between the neck, these difficult to handle small break chatter, as well as songs. Aside from the obvious similarities with his Swedish-speaking alter ego Secure! sounds Hello Nightly like no other in Sweden.

Sure it would have been more intimately in a concert hall or festival tent. Surely, then, we could have become more flattened and so-so wonderfully awash in music. Could have been so-so knocked out by Norlin’s in-your-thing-texts. But this is also good. It is a truly excellent concert starting at the Culture Festival. Anyone who wants snickesnacka (and there are quite a few) can do it, those who want to get a more maxed-concert experience can penetrate further forward towards the edge of the stage and get what they want.

After more than half a concert like Annika Norlin it starts to feel more like a concert, not a party. So it is. On an after party you are happy and tired, but try to stay awake. This audience has no plans to sleep. They’re tagged, and the party has just begun – and that combination will be extra successful.


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