Saturday, August 8, 2015

Eminem sawed after rape text – Aftonbladet

Dr. Dre’s new album Eminem raps about rape.

Now, directed harsh criticism toward the lyrics to “Compton”.

– The scary thing is that he has a daughter.

“Compton” is the first Dr. Dre album in 16 years.

But the launch of the hotly-anticipated comeback album has not been trouble-free.

Now, directed harsh criticism toward the lyrics to “Compton”.

Specifically, it is Eminem’s line “is not no one safe from, the non-believers there is not none / I even make the bitches In rape cum “on the song” Medicine Man “who brought the people’s anger.

– How Eminem continue their rape jokes. You are as old as my parents, please grow up, writes a user on Twitter.

While Eminem’s fans get criticized.

– Another verse about the rape from Eminem. The man is disgusting and it is also all who are listening to him.

– The scary thing is that Eminem has a daughter, tweets another person.

And that’s just some of the upset tweets.

“He is the shit cool”

But there are also those who defend Slim Shady rapper.

– Eminem will rap about what he wants, he said offensive things throughout his career just to make people cursed. He is the shit cool, writes one person.

“Loose Cannons”, another “Compton” -Let where Xzibit involved, also played an audio skit up where Dr. Dre apparently murdering and burying a woman.

While this has made people see red.

– Wait a killer Dr. Dre a woman of “Loose Cannons”? Is it going ?, writes one person.

Eminem has several times previously criticized for its controversial lyrics.


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