Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Petra: Because I stop singing along – Aftonbladet

Petra Marklund down as host of “Sing-along at Skansen”.

There, she told herself during the final minutes of the program’s final episode for this summer.

– Now is my summer ended, she said.

Petra Marklund received a standing ovation when she just before at 21 in the evening told me that she ends up as allsångsledare.

– This has been a really great trip. But for me, new challenges await in the autumn, as a songwriter and performer who is my day job. Therefore terminated my singing conductor trip here. My summer is over. Therefore, I want to thank you from myself. This is difficult, therefore, said a visibly taken Petra Marklund from the scene.

– I will remember this for the rest of my life.

Should go for music

Nöjesbladet says Petra Marklund that the whole thing is very emotional, but it also feels good. Now she will go for music she says, and she finished its program leadership through singing Kent’s “Music non stop”.

– As my songwriting and I’ll drop the album, we have seen how the schedule looks and it’s like … it can not really go together. So that’s the reason, it’s not going to go if I should do a tour next summer. Then I can not be on Allsången same time.

She describes all the meetings with other artists like the best thing Allsången.

– I’ve got to see everything from so very many other artists’ perspective.

SVT “Boring”

She left the message that she stops to SVT at the end of last week.

– I think it’s sad, but I have understood respect for the decision. I had hoped for at least another year. One sees that she has a lot of fun and it is going very well, so there was more to give. But she stops because she wants to jump back to just being an artist and making music, says Thomas Hall , SVT’s program manager for pleasure.

He says that Petra was very confident of its decision.

– The season has gone terribly good, so she wanted to negotiate about money she had got to do it. But it’s not about that, but she wanted to do other things.

Petra Marklund says it is flattering that SVT wanted to keep her.

– It has been fantastic and I’m very happy that they have confidence in me. But I’ve always gone my own way, and now this was a decision I had to take. When I did, as usual, I followed my gut feeling and took a decision that was necessary now that I will be releasing music.

She would not speculate on who she thinks should replace her.

What kind of host would you see then?

– I really have no idea! Now I focus only on the next thing. And first and foremost, I focus only on the party! Now I’m going out and having fun. I will disclose in the evening, that I can promise. There is a real party now!

No clear replacement

SVT has not found a replacement yet.

– This is still quite new, and this is a right spot for right now are all names of interest. We are looking for someone who has a musical knowledge and credibility. Someone who likes to be on stage, but may not need to take all the limelight, but can share. And that can handle a live broadcast, said Thomas Hall.

Even Skansen manager John Brattmyhr has previously said he wants to Marklund will continue.

– Absolutely I want it. It just developed and she makes it there hard work really well. Both the TV audience and the Skansen audience think she’s talented. I have no objection. On the contrary.



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