Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Peter Pluntky: “There is no logic” – Expressen

Rickard Olsson has violated SVT’s policy on advertising .

Now reacts Peter Pluntky who was fired from “Antiques Roadshow” for his guest appearance in SIBA commercial.

– Some can do things like that and others can not, says Pluntky.

SVT-profile Rickard Olsson appears in an advertising Annex Dagens Nyheter cruise company Birka Cruises. Something contrary to SVT’s rules on advertising, according to Dagens Media. The background to Olsson seen in advertising is that during the autumn to keep a pub quiz, quiz, M / S Birka.

But Olsson does not think this is contrary to SVT’s rules.

– I does not make advertising for Pirkanmaa. I am not bought from Birka to advertise Birka. I am hired as an artist, he says.

2012 got the Peter Pluntky from his role in “Antiques Roadshow” when he appeared in a commercial for electronics chain SIBA.

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On a side career as a did not fall on fertile ground with the employer SVT. After discussing the matter with Peter Pluntky taken the decision not to renew his contract for next season, writes DN.

– This is mutual. Peter agrees with us that he does not want to continue. I can underline that it is very sad, for Peter Pluntky is a strong profile that has been working with us a long time and he also has a great knowledge of toys, said Micael Lekberg to the newspaper then.

Now criticizes Peter Pluntky SVT after Rickard Olsson advertising Birka Cruises.

– There is no logic, Rickard Olsson is not the first. That is not unique, says Pluntky continues:

– Some can do things like that and others might not.

SVT’s policy is clear:

“SVT employees shall not engage in advertising or promotional activities for others.”

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Albert Svanberg, head of SVT Programs Ethics develop the policy further:

– There is a difference from the contractor to the contractor, profile to profile. How often are they and in what context, and it also controls what they can do on the side. As a freelancer, you can be continuous representatives of SVT or you do occasional appearances in various programs. It can also control what you can do at other times. But for us as a public service company is the credibility issue and thus also independent issue that is a basis for us and our employees.


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