Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The truth behind Zara Larsson’s visit – Expressen

Why is Zara Larsson at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg with a film crew Today?

Well, she plays in a film that is part of a new collaboration between Zara and Västtrafik – which has the city’s new electric buses to do.

– no link there, says Kristian Lans, press spokesman at Västtrafik.

Zara Larsson, 17, turned heads at Götaplatsen in Gothenburg today. With him she had a band and a film crew.

The reason?

A film recording made in collaboration with Västtrafik.

– I can confirm that there is a movie recording with her today, and that the film will be presented in a few weeks, says Kristian Lans from Västtrafik.

However, he is very secretive about what partnership means. But the filming was Zara subscribed to one of the new elbussarna – “ElictriCity” – from Västtrafik.

– I can not comment on it or refer to it. But the film will be released and be seen, says Kristian Lans, however, says that the films have something with elbussarna to do.

– Yes, that is the context in which the films are recorded, so no link there.

On June 15 had Västtrafiks new elbusslinje premiere in Gothenburg. Line 55 runs of a pollution free, quiet bus that is powered by renewable electricity.

When elbussarna premiered in Stockholm, SL had a campaign where, among others Sigge Eklund, Viveca Lärn and Björn Ranelid were on the buses and read aloud from books. This is to show how quiet the buses were.

Could it be that Zara Larsson will play music in Gothenburg counterpart?

– I can only say that it is the recording going on today That’s all we say, says Kristian Lans.

Atena Banisaid represents Zara Larsson’s record label. She is as taciturn as Kristian Lans – but also confirms that there is cooperation.

– I can not say much else right now. It will come out officially later, she says.


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