Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Russia Reports gay bar in Åland – Expressen

Hiphipduon Father & amp; Son built a gay bar on Russian President Putin’s grounds in Åland.

Now, the time reported by the Russian state, writes Nya Åland.

“The event has been titled as possession intrusion and sanitation violations,” the police said in a mailing.

It was yesterday that Expressen could tell you about the hip hop duo’s bar in Saltvik on Åland, where Vladimir Putin owns a large plot of ten hectare. This is to draw attention to the plight of homosexuals in Russia. Frej Larsson and Simon Gärdenfors constitutes Father & amp; Son first told about the idea of ​​Nya Åland.

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– We were told that Putin had land here in Åland, and then it’s Russian soil . And then we must not propagandize for homosexuality. So we started and built the Blue Oyster, said Simon Gärdenfors.

The Blue Oyster became known in the Police Academy films.

– We were a group that was there during the sneak premiere. There was much dancing and gay element, he told further Expressen.

Did you hear anything from Russia?

– No, but Russia as a country gets to hear of it.

And that Russia has done, but the feedback has not been positive. The Russian government has namely filed a police complaint against the building, according to police in Åland.

“The police were notified yesterday the incident that occurred on Sunday, 13 September 2015 area in Saltvik belonging to the Russian state.

According to information would have the perpetrators forced their way into the area and built something up, and left the junk behind. The event has been titled as inspection intrusion and sanitation violations. “Writes man in a mailing.

– The Russian government who are plaintiffs in the case, said the preliminary investigation Christoffer Ahlfors Aftonbladet who also writes about the event.

The suspected offense is about the perpetrators has been illegally built on land without permission from the owner. The sentencing range available according to police fines and up to three months in prison.

Police have visited the site and document what’s there, and according to them, there could be making use of the media reports as evidence.

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