Friday, February 5, 2016

Anna Book received a standing ovation at the dress rehearsal – Göteborgs-Posten

Anna Book sang at Scandinavium during Friday’s rehearsal, despite washing. And was greeted by a standing ovation.

– There was so much love, she says.

The singer Anna Book could celebrate thirty years pop artist in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, rather than disk was her contribution Heaven for two.

– things have happened that are far beyond my control, but the rules are there to be followed, says Anna Book for the press call-up.

During Friday’s rehearsal drove Anna Book still his number along with the dancers, out of competition.

– the key for me has been to showcase this amazing song and number, so in that way I feel like a winner. I have received so much love in recent days, especially tonight, says Anna Book on Friday evening.

It’s been some tough days ago it became clear that she would not get to be and compete.

– I broke down completely simple and really have not slept at all since the announcement. I managed to get some rest today in the middle of the day and feel still pretty keen, says Anna Book that compliments the audience at the Scandinavium, after the celebrated her with standing ovations.

– There is a kind of revenge, of course. To come in here and sing was like getting a big patch around the heart, it has been like an open sore for a few days now.

Saturday live connect Anna Books family and then she will really bet everything on stage.

– it is tomorrow that comes, tomorrow it slams. “If you are down to ten, stand up again just as easily as ABC!”


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