Friday, February 5, 2016

Here is Anna Book on stage after washing – Expressen

Here is Anna Book on stage – after washing.

During Friday’s rehearsal performed the artist’s contribution in crying – and to a standing ovation.

“The hair stands up on my arms,” ​​writes the lyric writer Camilla Läckberg on Instagram.

Anna Book was disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest on Thursday.

This after it emerged that the artist’s song “Heaven for two” was published in Moldova’s selection for Eurovision.

SVT asked Anna Book that occur anyway.

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And during Friday’s rehearsal stood Anna Book on stage.

– Thirty years ago, we saw a girl of fifteen perform “ABC”. Swedish people took her immediately to their hearts. Unfortunately, we had to wash her. It was in no way Anna Books fault, said Petra Mede from the scene.

Anna Book received a standing ovation

The audience responded – with a standing ovation.

Anna Book was noticeably affected. Artist cried when she left the stage.

– Congratulations Anna Book, said gina dirawi on stage.

Text author Camilla Läckberg celebrates Book.

“Standing ovation for Anna in Scandinavium after her number. She has so much love of the audience. The hair stands up on my arms,” ​​writes Läckberg on Instagram.

Anna Book did a video sending from sminken through the app Periscope before she went on stage.

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Books Anna word before the appearance

– I shall shortly have a dress rehearsal. It is not I who is disqualified, it’s song. It affects the course me. I did not go in and talk about it right now, because then I become sad. But I thought only send a greeting before I go out and sing my song, she said, and continued:

– It’s a big party today, but I feel that it is such a big shock this, so I do not think I go on it, but saves me tomorrow. It means a lot to me, to drive this song that I love so much, even out of competition, which makes superont, so I want to do a good number.

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