Friday, February 5, 2016

Experienced duo live – Metro

The build-up to the first race could have been much calmer, with petningen of Charlotte Perrelli and washing of Anna Book. But even when the transmission well draws in time are considerable risks of unexpected events.

Then it is nice to have a little routine to lean on for gina dirawi and her program management colleague in Gothenburg, Petra Mede, who have both been several times before.

– I think it’s something you have to go in with the program. It’s just that you learn as much as possible, then it may be as it gets, says gina dirawi.

“Do not beginners’

Petra Mede agrees:

– We are not complete beginners. Then I looked a lot at Gina and she looked at me very much too. We’ve both been exposed to unforeseen events and parried it well. As in life in general.

Changed scripts

gina dirawi must cope on their own in Malmo in the next round, or that Saturday’s broadcast will be an entry card, in other words, things you have to take as hostess.

– it’s a shame about Anna Book, she was so incredibly psyched before this. But for us, yes, it changed little in the script, but it feels okay, says Dirawi.

– I agree, tabs Petra Mede in. For her sake, you are really sorry but then we have to move on, we have a program to do.


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