Friday, February 5, 2016

SVT’s crisis plan – wrote the script half the night – Aftonbladet

While SVT held a press conference yesterday was the crisis plan into action on several fronts.

On Friday, now has gina dirawi and Petra Mede rehearsed a completely new script.

– We have sat half the night writing, says screenwriter Edward af Sillen.

SVT acted instantly when the news that Anna Book contribution already been published in conjunction with the Moldovan “Eurovision” came.

While SVT gave the news that the song disk was set script team with Edward af Sillen in the tip and wrote about the format of the program

– For us it was just that sit down and deal with the crisis. We sat down immediately and wrote down two different scenarios, we have been half the night writing, he says to Aftonbladet.

At the same time supported the competition’s project manager Anna Book to get her to participate in the program anyway, out of competition.

– Absolutely, we can only stand behind her now. She is gathered, it is much better. I do not think she wants to go home and finish the Eurovision Song Contest in this way, says Melodifestivalen project Anette Helenius .

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“Her plan “

as Friday dawned came the news that Anna Book stands on the stage in Scandinavium during Saturday’s show.

– We were told early, early this morning that it is her plan to participate in the program, so we’ve worked with it during the day. It was important to Anna feel that we handle this with love, says Edward af Sillen.

Anna Book in front of his song for the competition entries.

– It’s so clear that this is not Anna error. I want the viewers to understand what it is that has happened, the starting number five is now paid. And then I want Anna to get the love and homage she deserves, given 30 years ago, “ABC,” says Edward af Sillen.

– We will not joke about it, we will do it a way that we feel is worthy.

fresh script

It meant the hosts gina dirawi and Petra Mede received a fresh script to work on Friday.

There is nothing that can be seen when the bursting of the race at Scandinavium during the press conference at noon.

– it’s the most minor changes, so there is no problem. But we think of course a pity if Anna says Petra Mede.

She came to Gothenburg in the morning.

– For me it was a very, very early morning. We have rehearsed all morning until now, it has been great. You go on adrenaline, it’s so much energy, she says.

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