Friday, February 5, 2016

TV: Several hospital at the high-rise fire – Göteborgs-Posten

Accommodation in Nebulosagatan in Bergsjön evacuated via the balconies for a basement fire. The event is classified as arson.

The alarm came to SOS Alarm at ten of twelve on Friday. The fire had started in the basement and the smoke made it dangerous shown indoors.

– The smoke has spread to three stair upgraded regret and we hold on and evacuate while firefighters vent the smoke, said Åsa Opperud is lead operator at the Emergency Services in Greater Gothenburg, while the operation was in progress.

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More than 50 people were evacuated from the apartments as all increases in property was smoke-filled.

to heat the evacuated police sent a bus to Nebulosagatan so that the residents did not have to stand outside.

– we usually do it in such situations if we do not find a suitable venue for them to be in, says Hans Lippens.

at twenty to one in the afternoon the fire was completely extinguished, according to police and it remained for firefighters to ventilate the smoke,

the cause of the fire is not yet clear. The basement was detained after the fire of the technical investigation and the event is headed by arson.

An eyewitness at the site told GP about the fire’s spread.
– It started in the basement and spread through the ventilation system to the rest of house, it is a high-rise. It burns from right to left, he said.
The person was also witness to the extensive evacuation carried out.
– The evacuated people from the balconies with the help of the fire truck, because the stairwell was so smoke damaged, he said.

When the evacuation was complete, it was clear that three people taken to hospital by ambulance. Another nine people visited the health center in Bergsjön for inspection – all twelve received light smoke damage.

The fire department searched the afternoon through all areas to ensure that nobody is left in the apartments.


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