Monday, March 7, 2016

After confetti conflict: How to become Samir & Viktor’s new special effect in … – Sveriges Television

Special impact was determined at the last moment. Now, Samir Badran finally satisfied – but the effect is not entirely problem-free.

SVT gave Samir & amp; Viktor a counter-offer for confetti conflict – tungrök. The duo jumped at the proposal and now Samir is finally completely satisfied with the number.

– It feels really good. We wanted to have something extra, so we’re really pleased with it. It was crap cruel.

Samir and composer Fredrik Kempe wanted to top the performance of “Bathing naked” with a confetti rain.

– I and Kempe spoke about to add confetti in number. We were not there in the race and it would be really neat, says Samir Badran.

SVT was not convinced of the change. The number already includes pyrotechnics, kolsyrestrålar, fountains and a swimming pool with water – but during the last repdagen then added production also tungrök to Samir & amp; Viktors special effects.

Now we just have to get into heavy smoke in time once it comes. During Friday’s rehearsal was the fact too late.

– It will be nice when it is in the right place, says Viktor.


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