Sunday, March 6, 2016

Dagny, 103, gave Robert Aschberg comebacks – Göteborgs-Posten

When she turned 100 years old, she bought a computer. She has a blog and has been the senior year. On Friday evening charmed Dagny Carlsson, the Swedish people in Skavlan.

A common man, yet is very unusual, visited Friday Skavlan: Dagny Carlsson. She is 103 years old, born in 1912, ie before the first and second World War, and as she said in the program: “In my time there were no machines.”

Dagny Carlsson has become known as bloggers. When she turned 100, she bought a computer and since then she blogs under the name of Bojan. In previous interviews, she has declared the name of Bojan with that “only old women named Dagny”.

The blog describes herself as a “tough old lady, who like most . They say that I have humor and are a little bluntly. ” A description that proved accurate. In Skavlan she replied crisply to the questions from the TV host, but also from sliding iron journalist Robert Aschberg.

Dagny Carlsson, she told me that she was young and dreamed of becoming a writer, but she lacked the confidence to go for it. And when people laughed at her, she realized that it was not her sense of humor they liked.

– I thought it was me as a person they laughed. It did not make my self feel better, she says.

When asked about what she gives advice for a long and good life, the answer is: “never stop being curious.”

However, she will never give Robert Aschberg computer support. He wondered if he could call Dagny if he did not find any data youth to ask.

– No, you can not, says Dagny Carlsson.

The response from the followers on your own blog is overwhelming for the program:

“Best guest so far you were wonderful wise and funny man!”

“you were amazing last night at Skavlan. the whole program was very good and was topped with you . “

” Did you like the peak of Skavlan! My grandmother was 101 years, so I hope I have her genes. Would also be a fun, slightly crazy “lady”! “

“What an amazing person you are! It was so great to see you yesterday and I laughed … you really brightened my Friday! Hug”


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