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Here partying Johnny Depp in Stockholm – Expressen

Johnny Depp was protected by abuse allegations and kept a low profile during Grona Lund concert with Hollywood Vampires.

After the gig partied Depp and some band members together in the bar of Grand Hôtel.

– My friend Johnny doing well, says Tommy Henriksen, guitarist of the band on the question of how things are with the actor after the recent turmoil.

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and Joe Perry arrived in Sweden Monday morning and went to the Grand Hotel in central Stockholm for tonight’s gig.

There, they held the majority of the day. Shortly after 20 o’clock went their band Hollywood Vampires up on the main stage at Grona Lund for a concert.

Grona Lund had to close the entrance

The interest among the Swedish fans were great. Around 17 o’clock the queues just over 100 meters long and half an hour before the concert announcement Grona Lund that closed the entrance.

Attendance landed on 17 000 – note on the door – even though the visitors earlier called for a boycott on Facebook after assault charges against the actor.

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Johnny Depp accused of wife-beating

Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard accusing him of having abused her several times during their 15-month marriage. In court, she has proven with clear and bruises on Friday issued a restraining order against Johnny Depp. Amber Heard has previously submitted an application for divorce.

He has not commented on the allegations, but his lawyer says they are false.

After the allegations were protected by Johnny Depp in Sweden.

Kept a low profile in Hollywood Vampires concert

He went by boat from the hotel to Green Lund together with Joe Perry, and a backstage area had been cordoned off for the gig. In addition, it was up a black cloth so that it became less transparent.

When the actor took to the stage the audience cheered – but also on stage was Johnny Depp a low profile. Only a couple of times he went up to the microphone and greeted the audience.

– Hello Grona Lund, he once said from the stage and was greeted by huge cheers.

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Went straight from the gig at the Grand Hotel

During the gig was thrown around a hundred guitar picks out of the scene – and right after the concert, which ended shortly after 22:00, jumped Hollywood Vampires members into the cars that went on back to the Grand hotel.

Bassist Robert Leo the boat went back to the hotel. With was also a Swedish video director Jonas Akerlund, they did not want to comment on why they were there or what they would do.

According drove the band members then home to Akerlund who lives in a house in the center of Stockholm where they were in approximately one hour. Johnny Depp should not have been included in Akerlund.

Depp appeared, however, later in the night in Cadierbaren at the Grand Hotel where he drank cocktails and partied together with some band members. He sat quite longer and chatted with other guests. Society seemed relaxed and looked to have a nice time.

First, at 02 o’clock, they broke up and Johnny Depp disappeared into his hotel room, according to the photographer Janne Åkesson.

Earlier in the day told Tommy Henriksen, guitarist of the band, they love Stockholm.

– We love Stockholm and always have a wonderful time here, he said.

Johnny Depp could not give to recent turbulence , says Tommy Henriksen.

– My friend Johnny doing well, he said.

does headings him?

– no, they do not.

and it was a short visit of the world stars in Sweden – on Tuesday to play the Hollywood Vampires in Denmark.

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