Thursday, June 2, 2016

Therefore died Prince – the cause of death determined – Express

When superstar Prince was found dead in an elevator April 21 this year, police have found prescription opioids on his body.

Now the cause of death is determined – according to news agency AP artist died of an overdose.

When the artist Prince was found dead in a lift his studio Paisley Park in Minnesota, April 21, he had not slept for almost an entire week. According to information provided to the Mirror newspaper will star as having been awake for 158 hours.

Earlier, speculation about that he was addicted to sleeping pills occurred, and the police should also have been informed that Prince used painkillers. Suspicions that the analgesic preparations may have knocked out the sleeping pills have also occurred, which should have contributed to the Prince did not sleep for a whole week before his death.

Princes cause of death determined

According to AP is the artist’s death is now fixed – Prince died of an opioid. Police are now investigating if a doctor prescribed medicine to him during his last weeks of life, writes AP.

Opiodier is a generic term for strong painkillers that are used for treating chronic pain. There are two different groups of substance: strong and weak opioids. Opioids provide tolerance and can be addictive, according to the Health Care Guide.

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“Fought to be sick”

It should have been a range of medications in Princes home, according to UK Mirror.

Already a week after his death, said a source of the American CNN that police found prescription opioids on Princes body and in his home at the time of death. According to the informant investigated the found drugs by US federal police for prosecution of drug-related crime.

Princes personal chef, Ray Roberts, told me recently that the artist was very ill during his last years of life.

– I think he fought to be sick all the time, said he then told AP.

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Wanted to be free addiction

According to Page Six prince enrolled in rehab shortly before his death to become free from their addiction.

Princes body was cremated shortly after it was handed over to the family after the autopsy. A family friend then told the Sunday Mirror that it was as the star wanted it.

– He just wanted to disappear without any commotion, no drama, no fanfare. It was simply his style.

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