Wednesday, July 6, 2016

After the Depression-tweet: now soothes Filip Hammar anxious fans – Aftonbladet

Podinspelningen were canceled.

“Postponed because of depression,” wrote Fredrik Wikingsson on Twitter.

Now soothes Filip Hammar anxious fans: “It’s okay”.

The listeners had to wait in vain for the latest episode of Philip Hammar and Fredrik Wiking’s popular pod “The Philip & amp; Fredrik podcast “.

Since the duo’s fans at the beginning of the week on Twitter started asking questions about the missing section, Fredrik Wikingsson repeatedly answered:

” Postponed due to depression. Coming on Thursday. I think. “

On Tuesday developed Wikingsson it on Instagram and wrote that he made himself ready for podinspelning, but reproduces a text message from podkollegan Filip Hammar said to have written:

” Nah Damn. Does not today either. Sorry. During the ice. Gone away. Now in hotels along the autobahn. Heard in the morning. “

undoes his participation in the television ” When Philip & amp; Frederick came, everything went to pieces “

During the post has many of the duo’s supporters expressed their concern for Filip Hammar’s state of health:” Health comes first, the first time it happens that you missed an episode so it must really be seriously. “writes one fan, while another calls Philip not to rush back:

” Take the time you need! Focus on what’s important, and right now the pod is not important at all! “

Now soothes Filip Hammar anxious fans. In a text message to Aftonbladet writes:

“There is no danger. We’ve just recorded the new section. There’s the whole story. If you are interested in. “


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