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Black Sabbath’s farewell – after 48 years the split – Expressen

On Saturday takes the legendary heavy metal band Black Sabbath Sweden for the last time – after the tour split the band.

Black Sabbath promises the most lavish tour – ever.

After several band members struggled against the disease they now say goodbye.

– Right now I’m okay with this. I am sure that when there are five gigs there, I will be quite emotional, says the singer Ozzy Osbourne to Billboard.

On Saturday the legendary rock band Black Sabbath on the Swedish scene – for the last time.

the gig is part of the band farewell tour “the End” – before the band is said to shatter completely, 48 years after they formed.

Heavy metal band Black Sabbath playing in rock festival monters of Rock at the Friends arena and they have promised the most lavish concert – ever.

– Right now I’m okay with this. I am sure that when there are five gigs there, I will be quite emotional, says the singer Ozzy Osbourne, 67, to Billboard.

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It started with four guys from Aston with a dream.

– The dream became more true than we could ever have imagined. And then we were manipulated, tricked out of money, deceived. We lost each other in each other. But it’s always great to stop at it’s best, says Osbourne told the newspaper.

He does not want to leave the music to Black Sabbath finished the tour. He has previously said that he intends to pursue a solo career after the band put in.

Ozzy wants to continue with the music, but this year he has not had it easy. At the beginning of the year, he set several concert dates of the band farewell tour.

He had suffered a sinus infection that would not give in. One of the concerts were canceled just two hours before the sold out gig would pull in time.

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Even the band’s guitarist Tony Iommi, 68, has struggled against the disease. 2012 did the world know that he suffered from lymphoma – a cancer that attacks the lymph nodes and lymph cells in the blood.

His illness is said to be one of the reasons that the band must be put down.

– I simply can not do this any more, my body will not do this much longer, he says in an interview with the Birmingham mail.

he also says that this is the band very last tour.

– And it will certainly end. We will not be back again, he says in the interview.

It’s not just rock gods Black Sabbath playing during the festival Monsters of Rock on Saturday. They are joined by the Californian rock band Rival Sons and the Gothenburg band Bombus.

Although the Danish band Volbeat to sold out stadiums all over the world will take place on stage.

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