Thursday, July 7, 2016

Can not balancing – Ystad Allehanda

The focus is fashion photographer Frieda (Sarah Jane Dias) which offers home of their friends, who are scattered all over India, to reveal that she is getting married. It will be the start of a week-long hen party in Goa. Prejudices about Bollywood movie begins with a party and ends with a wedding will soon be put to shame. Sure there will be some singing and dancing, but also serious conversation about homosexuality, divorce, and suicide attempts.

It turns out that all her friends have had to struggle against a conservative man’s world. When a harassing male moped gang shows up, there are plenty of reasons for why women to turn into avengers like the Hindu goddess Kali.

“Angry Indian goddesses’ ambition to portray women’s vulnerable situation in India is keen given the recent high-profile cases of brutal gang rape. But try to tell seven different main person stories in less than two hours will be a bit too much.

The film manages to not really cope with the difficult balance between comedy and drama without losing credibility. The final point is involuntarily made a defense to take the law into their own hands and feel not as heartwarming as it probably was intended.

The director Pan Nalin made an international breakthrough 15 years ago with the award winning film “Samsara”. He succeeds with “Angry Indian goddesses” sadly does not live up to the high expectations.


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