Monday, July 4, 2016

Gloria Ray Karlmark let love prevail – Expressen

She hit the age of 14 by the terrible hatred and racism.

Gloria Ray Karlmark and her eight companions were stopped by a white mob when they wanted to go to Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1957.

But it was when they, guarded by soldiers, were admitted into the school as the real hell began.

I had not understood the real drama when I 1997, Expressen’s US correspondent, discovered that one of the Little Rock Nine became Swedish. Gloria Ray Charles Mark, her husband Krister and their two children traveled from Stockholm to attend the ceremony where President Bill Clinton symbolically opened the door to the school, 40 years later.

It was when nine black students finally got go to school as it was horrific.

it was a year is bullying, ostracism, assault and almost incomprehensible hatred. Gloria Ray Charles Mark’s story is a magnificent depiction of how a shy 14-year-old girl, who is proficient in math and chemistry, and just want to go to school, survive all this.

This is Becky, his classmate who “dared give me an easy smile. ” My father, born in 1889 and son of a freed slave, who loves Beethoven and believe in non-violence. A lone policeman who saves her from the mob. The two teachers who say it is performance related, nothing else.

It is not hatred, but love to win. Gloria Ray Charles Mark, a successful career in their new homeland Sweden, children and grandchildren. But she is relentless with the conclusion that those who are bullied, discriminated against, and are shut out live with it in their body for life.

She remembers absolutely everything. And the events that once seemed far away, she was getting close.

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