Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Neil Young drew record crowds to Dalhalla – received the highest rating of DT’s critic – Dalarna Newspapers

Neil Young

Dalhalla, Rättvik, 5/7

Audience 5 300 people

Rating: 5/5

It has never been so many in a single concert in Dalhalla, 5300 people have come to see Neil Young for the first time on a stage in Dalarna and it feels as if the stadium is filled to the brim.

Just Neil Young has been on my wish list for Dalhalla (and By all means Peace Love observer at the time) for many years and I have done my best to turn down the expectations for this evening. It is however clear pretty quickly that we are dealing with an artist in absolute top form.

After two såningskvinnor thrown seeds on the stage floor begins Neil Young concert solo on piano, harmonica and acoustic guitar . He plays in all simplicity immortal classics like After the Gold Rush, Heart of Gold and The Needle and the Damage Done. A mighty Mother Earth (Natural Anthem) on harmonium concludes the first section before some people in protective clothing comes in and starts spraying poison everywhere. With them connecting band (ambiguous symbolism in it).

They continue on a fairly soft line, including Out on the weekend and Human Highway. Compared with Crazy Horse is the Promise of the Real polished and cleaned, but that is not really there? The belt is Neil Young nicely in both fragile and thorny.

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The Long Winter, he hangs on to the electric guitar and the concert is entering a new phase. The electricity causes the air to vibrate and the guitar solo in Words bouncing between rock walls.

Gitarrmanglet reach even greater heights when he again changing the guitar to his black Gibson Les Paul and go off on a lengthy and intense Love to burn. The band jumps with both feet together and the audience rewarded with a standing ovation. He follows up with the Mansion on the Hill and fucking up from the same disc, the brilliant Ragged Glory.

the 107 Nobel Prize winner who recently spoke warmly of GM crops will probably not manage to reverse Neil Young, a staunch opponent of genetically modified plants. In the area there are representatives of environmental organizations and social movements and the theme recurs in both songs between snack.

When Neil Young says not much between songs, but when he begins to speak he praises the Swedes for its well-preserved cultural landscape and urges us to “keep an eye on the government.” An enraged Revolutionary blues and new plant anthem Seed justice becomes a fitting soundtrack to that message. The bargain he invites the audience out of a basket of “Swedish psychedelic cherry”.

The gig in Dalhalla is nothing but a nearly three-hour hitkavalkad. No sour later where he decides to harrowing unfocused and introverted songs forever. Nevertheless, there is nothing speculative or pampering at the Neil Young. Only a glowing energy and a palpable joy, together with a band that serves as a unit. The song list is verging on impeccable (with the possible exception of tough Vampire Blues).

The crowd standing in the pews when they even manage to shake life into a worn song Rockin ‘In The Free World . Encore Cortez the Killer round off the evening at a relaxed pace, receiving a warm and heartfelt reverb.

The musical seeds sown initially germinated and grew strong, despite the venom spray.

Short summary of impressions right after the gig.


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