Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sharp throw from SVT stopped the cult series: “Disappointed and Surprised” – Aftonbladet

Today the SVT send Maria Lundqvist’s acclaimed television series “Sally” in the replay.

Now the actress revive its old character in a new version.

– I am convinced that Sally 2.0 would be really good, she says.

in the late 1990s, stepped librarian Sally Santesson into television box and immediately took the Swedish people by storm.

Now appears the cult series once again in prime time, then SVT run the entire series in rerun on Friday evenings to come.

Want to do more – was rejected SVT

the TV series was Maria Lundqvist big break as an actress, and now she opens up to make new episodes of the series.

– I have thought about it for many years, but has been a bit unsure if I really want to pick up an old character. But now I have an idea, and I am convinced that Sally 2.0 would be really good, she says.

Maria grabbed Sally plans and pitched the idea of ​​a new season for SVT along with a large production company. Initially, the channel showed great interest in the idea, but later came a sudden no ‘from the channel.

– I was very disappointed and a bit surprised actually, because they sounded so positive in the beginning. I have no idea why they changed their minds, she said. READ ALSO PLUS The truth behind the ’30 degrees February ‘

in search of new channel

the prospects for a comedy series will turn on the TV is different today to 16 years ago. Therefore, the whole concept changed if it becomes a new season.

– What was the song of the 90s’re not there today. So the plan is to depart from the sitcom genre and do everything to something new.

How will you do that?

– The idea is to modernize both film technology but also throughout the century. It is still Sally, but her life style has changed. Her father (played by Sven Wollter ) now living in elderly care and Sally herself working as a life coach. More than that I do not want to reveal, she says.

SVT: “Many receive no”

The idea and the hope now is that any channel should take up the idea of ​​more Sally. Self is Maria Lundqvist convinced that the whole concept would work.

– I still pick her (Sally) several times a month to lectures and events, and there are always people asking for a new series. But after that SVT said no, I stand around with his tail between his legs and hope that another channel hangs out with, she says.

Christian Wikander, program manager for SVT Drama, confirming that they think that the old sections are worth reprising but that is not lighted to continue.

– We have many series in development. And the competition between these proposals is tough. Many proposals no-thanked.

And in the process priority SVT chose to say no to the continuation of Sally, he says. READ ALSO Maria Lundqvist’s boyfriend was mistaken for being her son


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