Friday, July 1, 2016

Zara Larsson after rape complaint: “You deserve to burn in hell” – Aftonbladet

A woman is reported to have been raped during Zara Larsson’s concert yesterday.

Now, says the star enrollment:

“BOY for those who shamelessly raping a girl in the audience, “she wrote on Twitter.

at 22:30 pm on Thursday reported a woman in her 20s that she has been subjected to a rape inside Bråvalla festival area.

the rape should have taken place in the audience, in front of the stage, under Zara Larsson concert.

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“Burn in hell”

Now, says Zara Larsson event.

“BOY for those who shamelessly raping a girl in the audience. You deserve to burn in hell, “she wrote on Twitter.

She continues:

” Oh, shit for you guys to get girls to feel insecure when they go to the festival. I hate guys. Hate hate hate. “

” What are all the ‘good guys’? “

The posts are immediately retweetats and videos liked several hundred times and have immediately countered by guys who felt unfairly attacked. Zara Larsson’s response came immediately:

“I can not take more that emphasizes ‘not all guys’ or ‘I’m minsan a good guy, I rapes not’

That’s about it again and again and again is disgusting dudes expose girls for that. MAN. Boys. Sanna ‘aldriiiig would’. “

” What then does all the “nice guys” when girls are raped? If you are simply too busy to tell you how nice you are? It’s not fucking hard to be generalized. It’s hard to feel unsure about a festival where you will have fun and enjoy. BUT IT CAN PEOPLE NOT PGA GUYS. YIKES. “

Zara Larsson’s camp have declined to comment on the matter on to Aftonbladet.

Bråvalla 2016 Here is Zara Larsson full-fledged stage artist

police: “Get in touch”

the police spokesman Chris Fuxborg says that the case of a completed rape.

– the is a young woman who has been exposed to a person who has penetrated her from behind, he said.

– We are therefore very keen to get tips from the public. If there are more who have experienced or seen someone who was behaving strangely, we want them in touch.

Footnote: You advises the police on telephone number 114 14th


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