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Alice anger against Hakan: “Kept it for myself” – Expressen

Artist Alice B chose Wednesday to tell his version of the truth behind her guest appearance on Håkan Hellström’s legendary Ullevi gig in 2014.

She says that she does not get paid or appreciation from Hakan – after she stood before his team has contacted her.

– they have heard of and they are aware of what I wrote. They are not very happy, she says.

On Wednesday chose artist Alice Botéus, 27, to share his version of his conduct on Hakan Hellstrom legendary Ullevi gig in 2014.

for the Göteborgs-Posten, she told for the first time about the setback after what would have been the greatest moment of her career – as she warmed up Hakan Hellstrom audience of nearly 70 000 people .

Alice B says that she did not get a penny for appearance, afterwards mentioned she neither thanks to Hakan Hellstrom’s Facebook page, or in the film that later produced to immortalize the evening, she said.

Alice B: “Have kept it to myself”

her friends wondered where her name was gone, and she can hardly remember the evening. The only evidence she has that actually happened is an old access cards, she says.

– It was not my thought that this would ever come out. I’ve kept it to myself for two years, says Alice B and continues:

– There was no talk of money at all, and I reflected not even then. But the problem is not money, it’s best to be able to feel appreciated and as a worthy musicians.

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After the article in GP chose Alice to explain the situation further with a post on Facebook. There, she says, among other things, about the fear before the “challenge Håkan Hellström and his empire”:

“The image of him that is plotted showing the most generous man both emotionally and career-wise. Suddenly a black spot on it all “.

the reactions were not the expected. After her story came out she was contacted by several artists who have experienced similar things.

– I’ve been so awful lot of good feedback, very much support and applause. People think it’s cruel that I say it is, says Alice B.

contacted by Hakan Hellstrom people

But it is not only other artists who have heard of him. During Wednesday became Alice B’s manager contacted by Hakan Hellstrom’s people, says the artist.

– I can not say much about it yet, but they have heard of and they are aware of what I wrote. They are not very happy, she says.

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Alice B sends in its Facebook text a pass Håkan Hellström: “Hakan, you can swisha me” – but she does not expect any money from the giant.

– It was not my idea. This was absolutely not planned and it was perhaps not such good timing, with the Ullevi his upcoming concerts. It has been a busy day for sure.

Expressen looking Håkan Hellström through his agent.

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