Wednesday, June 1, 2016

The blogger hung with Depp and Cooper at the Grand Hotel – Aftonbladet

Johnny Depp partied until late in Stockholm stay – in the company of an unknown brunette, according to the Daily Mail.

Before that, he met one of his great fans in the hotel lobby: blogger Desiree “Dessie” Nilsson.

– It feels completely unreal, he is my crush really, she says.

Johnny Depp stuck in the room at the Grand Hotel during much of his visit to Stockholm, but had time to party until the wee hours with an unknown brunette – and mingle with the blogger Desiree “Dessie” Nilsson .

Dessie had dinner with a friend at the Grand Hotel where horror rocker Alice Cooper appeared next party.

– We stood and talked and then came Alice Cooper, one sees a kind legend, it is clear that going forward. He looked a bit stressed out but I asked if I could take a picture and he just “aa certain,” she says. READ ALSO Grona Lund responds to fans’ criticism ahead Depp’s gig

“Made eye contact with Depp”

On the way back to the restaurant, she met then even a giant.

– When I go back I meet Johnny Depp, so I walked up shyly and his guards pushed me away: “you must not talk to him.” But we made eye contact and it was not the type of people there so he came up to me and said “hey what’s your name?”. Then we started talking and I took a picture.

What were you talking about?

– It was kind generally, I talked movies with him and he told there are so many fake profiles on him, but he did not have Facebook or Instagram. He posed the most questions to me, “how do you spell your name?” I got to spell my name. I do not remember, I was so happy. READ ALSO PLUS The truth behind the perfect facade

“Just walked away”

Johnny Depp has been an idol since she was little, she immortalized the meeting in her blog.

– It feels completely unreal, he is my crush really. I told him: “You are so beautiful, it’s crazy.” That was cool. Many celebrities think so much of themselves and do not “have time” and so, but he was warm, friendly, human and talkative. And he came up to me, people’s prejudices may be changed by it. READ ALSO Dessie upptaxerad 215 000

The tumultuous meeting, she lost my head.

– He hugged me and then went I only then to my friend. I forgot … I only: “thank you, goodbye,” and he stood there, I was totally stressed out.

partied with mysterious brunette

According to the Daily Mail came down Johnny Depp from his room late at the hotel bar late Monday.

at 01 o’clock when the bar shut down came the star and the hotel kept the party room open for him and his entourage. The newspaper publishes pictures of Depp close to an unknown brunette. he drank cocktails, slrattade and talked with a group of friends, the newspaper said.

At 15 o’clock yesterday, he left the band Hollywood Vampires luxury hotel and then raised from the Swedish soil at 16 o’clock for his gig in Denmark tonight. READ ALSO Here goes the star against Grona Lund


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