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Emilia gets listeners summer hosts – Göteborgs-Posten

Emilia Lind lost his family as a young man. Here with her boyfriend. Image: Image. Private

At the age of fifteen went Emilia’s mother hurriedly away. Today, she has a new family, but she created it herself.
 Now she has become listeners summer host in P1 Summer.

Emilia Lind is only 23 years old, but already knows how to get through a trial.

– to be strong you have to be weak, she explains.

Summer vacation between ninth grade and high school turned her world upside down. Her father was hospitalized and they lost touch. Soon after, her mother hastily removed. Doctors still do not know why. Just 16 years old Emilia was left alone. She moved to a foster family, but did not like it.

– I thought at first that my life was well over. But I decided that I could do it.

She pushed away the grief of the mother.

– If I began to mourn so would I fall, so it felt.

Instead, she focused all the time on studies, football, and student body. She managed to get through high school with good grades. She says she is proud that she managed so well.

– It strengthened me as a person, but it was negative in that I did not let myself mourn in the way I needed.

After the mother death she was in close contact with their aunts and their children. Specifically, an aunt, she came very close. It became her salvation. Along with her new family, she could allow herself to mourn her mother’s death.

– My mom could not replace, but once I caught up and realized it, so I ventured to make new contacts.

Now, she has been voted the listeners summer hosted by Swedish Radio. She wants to talk about what it’s like to lose everything and then build it up again. Even family not only needs the typical nuclear family.

– Family is something you can create. It’s like a bunch of flowers, where you select the flowers herself.

A year after graduation Emilia moved from his hometown of Gothenburg and started a new life as a bachelor student in Umeå. Everything went well at last. But then came the next blow. She lost yet another close relative of. This time she was sick from school and allowed himself to grieve. She says that all sorrow and loss has prepared her. Made her stronger.

– It’s never over, but you can live with. Everyone goes through difficult things in life but it develops. You realize things that you might not have realized otherwise. As you have to be weak to be strong.

In his sommarprat she to talk about how fragile life is and what her adversity has taught her.

– It’s important life is love, relationships with friends and family. We must dare to venture into relationships.

In the media will rarely take note of success stories, she says. But she will not be even a tragic story.

– There’s another side as well as I want to represent. I could lie down on the ground. But there is hope.

Her sommarprat broadcast on 20 July.


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