Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Hellstrom’s response after Alice B’s harsh criticism – Expressen

Artist Alice B said that she did not get paid for their performance at Håkan Hellström Ullevi gig in 2014.

Now explains Håkan what went wrong – and runs from the organizer actions.

“He is disappointed at how it been handled,” it says on his official Facebook page.

on Wednesday went artist Alice B, which occurred during Håkan Hellström’s legendary Ullevi gig in 2014, out of her either got paid or appreciation for his efforts.

Now, Håkan Hellström given artist answers via their official Facebook page. There, you write that Håkan Hellström is disappointed by the concert organizer’s behavior:

“Hakan is the world’s largest concert promoter in the back, he expects that everyone who goes up on stage in such Ullevi have an agreement with them about what apply and enforce it. “

it is written that the Hakan himself never negotiate before their concerts.

” Hakan himself negotiates never and he has assumed that Alice B has been paid. he is disappointed in how it been handled. he is also an artist and has been in the exact same position. “

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Alice B told on Wednesday evening that her disappointment did not concern the lack of money.

– the problem is not money, it’s best to be able to feel appreciated and as a worthy musicians.

After that she went out with her experience of the show contacted Håkan Hellström’s team her manager. But she does not expect to receive any money paid in arrears.

– It was not my idea. This was absolutely not planned and it was perhaps not such good timing, with the Ullevi his upcoming concerts. It has been a busy day for sure.

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Hakan Hellstrom links also to a movie clip of Alice B’s performance of the evening.

“Alice is grim,” it says in the clip.

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