Thursday, July 7, 2016

An educational journey on the world’s oceans Ove Skog in “Summer”: An educational trip to … – Aftonbladet

Ove Forest tattoos are nothing to play with.

It is deadly serious.

In his Summer takes tattooist Doc Forest with us out the oceans – and on an educational journey into the tattoo noble art.

You can tell that summer editors have a different selection of summer jockey this year.

Fewer celebrities routine talking for the umpteenth time and more “ordinary” people with “unusual” experiences and stories.

it pleases me – that I have wanted for years.

such a new acquaintance’s Ove Skog, 72, known by his professional tattoo name, Doc Forest.

Before the program begins I am a little nervous that it just be about tattoos – which I neither know anything about, or, frankly, is particularly interested in – but I worried unnecessarily.

the two worlds Ove Skog gives us insight into both equally exciting to hear about.

it is not just about tattoos, it’s about life at sea in the 60s too, a world intimately associated with tattoos.

And as Ove Forest, with its beautiful south dialect, points out – that go to sea was working only way to discover the world.

he did, too.

he has sailed crisscross the oceans, from east to West and from north to south. Loaded bananas in Mumbai, hitched a ride with a militärbil in Odessa, sailed with potash from San Diego to Japan and almost perished in the storms of the Pacific Ocean.

But his main interest in life is tattoo art, an interest that was born early, at home in Aspudden in south Stockholm.

Over the years, he has tattooed at least 45 000 people. He started at a time when it was just something for sailors and jailbird – today it is equally popular with police officers, intellectuals, bank employees and, especially, women.

Doc Forest is proud of his profession – and he has a professional pride and expertise that impresses and has affected the entire industry.

Questionable home tattoo artist, he has no sympathy for.

for him tattoos both art – and deadly serious.


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