Thursday, July 7, 2016

Now tells Ernst Kirchsteiger about hate – Express

Ernst Kirchsteiger is today one of Sweden’s most popular TV host.

But in the beginning of his career he was met with hatred and were close to giving up, which he now tells the Daily News.

– There was a time when I thought that it was not worth it, he says.

” summer with Ernst, “” Christmas with Ernst “,” Sommartorpet, “” New rooms “- Hosted by Ernst Kirchsteiger, 58, has appeared frequently on TV since its inception 16 years ago.

he is now one of Sweden’s most popular host, but it has not always been.

In the early television career, Ernst Kirchsteiger receive much hatred. In a period he did almost give up.

– I brought incredible amount of emotion which for me was incredibly shocking. It was really hard to deal with. There was a period when I thought that it was not worth it, he says to Dagens Nyheter.

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Ernst Kirchsteiger about the changed setting

But Ernst Kirchsteiger says today that it will present many to him when he lectures. The attitude to him has changed.

– I hope I have helped you do not need to think so very much whether it is appropriate to fold up their jeans, or whether it is suitable to hang their curtains . That one just thinking “shit, I need to fold up the jeans, I do it.” You do not need to call my mom. If I have been involved and contributed to it, I am proud, that they can feel free to write on my tombstone, says Ernst Kirchsteiger to the Daily News.

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“Summer with Ernst” deferred

on July 14, about a week, doing TV host once again the entrance of the box with “Summer with Ernst”, which goes in his ninth season and takes place at Gustav’s mansion in Kristinehamn. Usually, the program draws in again around midsummer – but TV4 chose to postpone the premiere for several weeks because of the football championship.

Something that upset Kirchsteigers fans.

“Looked like a madman for when summer with Ernst begins, “wrote one of the fans, among others on the program manager’s official Facebook page then.

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