Friday, July 8, 2016

Angry Indian Goddesses – Indian relationship movie with lesbian love – Sveriges Radio

The place is Goa and a charming old house. There is Frieda invited their friends from the past. The embattled singer, the mugger who become unhappy housewife, the actress who casted their fake tuttars sake and so the manager that barks all the time. Frieda herself, is the photographer who got tired of making advertisements for bleaching creams. Feminist analysis of the Indian women’s unequal living conditions and feast on each other. But why have they really been invited?

Well Frieda’s getting married. The wedding is at the center as it does in the majority of Indian films but unusual in this film is the lesbians dispute. Homosexuality is of course illegal in India, but was not there when the movie was filmed. Regardless of their legal status, then life as LGBTQ person surrounded by a lot of stigma, as when one of her friends faints when she realizes that gay does not mean happy without gay.

Angry Indian Goddesses is a film about the updated urban middle-class women who want to have the same freedom that we in the West have. Given how sweet syrup many Indian relationship films, appears this roll as a fresh lime.

At the end of the film committed a crime that changes the orientation of the whole story against crime drama. The result is two parts that do not quite fit together and it’s a pity because otherwise I like the actors’ efforts, the women loving tone and the angry gaze of the man who is otherwise the family and community-supporting elements in Indian society.


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